Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Horror Guest!

So last weekend, I hosted not one, not two but three parties. Back to back. Yep. Thanksgiving dinner was planned but then I had two families from out of town show up in Austin. And then they came over.

Honestly, it was a lot of work but it was nice to see them.

But what happened after they all left was bad. One of my guest wanted to use our network to connect to internet. So instead of going the regular route and asking us for our password, he decided to locate our router, read the serial number on it and directly connect to our router.

And then he changed the password on our router.

I repeat. He freaking changed the password on our router. And forgot to tell us. Then he left.

Saturday morning I woke up and found out that NOTHING worked! None of the computers could connect to the internet. Not the iphones, not the Wii, not the XBox. Not the cable TV. None of my computers even recognized each other.

Five years of setting up home network all gone. Down the drain. All because of this freaking moron who thought he was being very smart. Argh!!!

Can you tell I am super duper mad? Good thing I don't own a gun.

This has to be the worst guest experience I have ever ever had!

So what do you think? Am I over reacting? Should I ever allow this man in my house? What would you do?


Lindi said...

OMG... Why I never. I would hang someone who did that in my home. This is why I have my guest wireless access set up and they are restricted from even seeing my network. That pisses me off. you should have him come back and string him up!

Ballerina Girl said...

Well I would be extremely mad also...
and truthfully, I am not sure how good of a friend this is, but I would watch if you get your computer hooked back up that he is not hacking into it!

I would definitely call him and complain and actually request that he return as soon as possible to go through the system again with you and reset it all!!!

Sorry to hear this. I like your photo!

mythopolis said...

Sounds like a new form of terrorism to me!

Scriber's Web said...

Lindi: It was awful. I like your idea. I'll have to set up a guest account this holiday. But yet, I should simply bar the guest from ever coming into my home. Good to hear from you:)

BG: You know I did not even think about that. That he could continue to hack into my network. Currently he is not answering any of my calls. What a jerk! Unfortunately he is related to me so I am bound to run into him sooner or later. Just not at my house!!!

Mythos: It was horrible. So offensive on so many levels! Ugh!

Nicole said...

I would buy a agun, follow him and THEN shoot him,.... or at least his computer.
Friggin moron i still too friendly!

Besides that: as BG says!

Kala said...

What kind of "guest" would do something as bizarre and intrusive as that?

Carol said...

What happened to the old days when all we had to do was worry about one of our guests walking into the house with muddy boots?

It's not overreacting. It's rude to reset somebody's router. My entire house is based upon my router, in fact, I don't even think I can make toast without a router these days. Hands off, I say, hands off!

Touch the router and you die!

And, no, I would not let him back in. Give him some kind of electronically shielded dog house, maybe, but it'd had to be at least a few blocks away.