Sunday, March 20, 2011

3 moons and an alien ship

Last night I went out to take photos of the moon.

Here is my favorite one. Not really sure what the green stuff is. But I can say for sure that I was not abducted last night:)

Anyone have any theories about the green object? There were no planes flying when I took this shot. And I could see no green stuff in the sky. Do you think it is my lens over-correcting the blackness?

I am curious!


mythopolis said...

It is clearly a UFO. And a lot of people who have been abducted swear that they weren't. This is because the aliens erase your memory before dropping you back off. Have you noticed any strange gurgling sounds coming from your stomach? Because the aliens usually try to implant their eggs in people.

Kala said...

Yikes. I don't know WHAT that is!