Thursday, December 10, 2009

In case...

In case you are wondering where I am, here are some options:

1. Eloped with the Christmas Bandit. Yes he is back.

2. Working long hours and not getting much sleep.

3. Bought a private island and ran away to it.

4. Looking at the sky, waiting for the much hyped Snow Event in Austin. Where's the snow? Where's the snow?

5.Doing tons of exciting paperwork that involves health insurance, financial mumbo jumbo and Life Death insurance.

6. Having a mental break down trying to decide what the heck to buy. Why can't I have it all and world peace? Life is so unfair!

7. Hiding from the papparazzi. Yes I was one of Tiger wood's mistresses. But don't tell anyone!

So what do you really think is happening? Give me a number. What do you suspect?

I promise to catch up with everyone this weekend.


mythopolis said...

I think #7, and I heard the shocking videos are going to be released soon!!

Mary said...

#7 for sure!

Postcards from Wildwood said...

I'm inclined towards number 7 on the number 3, after too much of numbers 2, 5 and 6.

Ballerina Girl said...

I would love to believe #1,3,7....what the heck, this is the magical Christmas season :)


Carol said...

We saw the Christmas bandit again today so I'm inclined to believe she eloped with him. He's kind of cute if you can catch a glimpse of him without his hood and dark glasses.

Kala said...

Well I'm wishing it's #3, but I am thinking it's #2.

Sumit said...

I'm pretty sure it's no. 7! :D

NicoleB said...

I think you are trying to empty those barrels with the Bandit so that Dan can write a story about the two of you making plans to escape to that island you just got by faking a shitload of paperwork ;)

Elizabeth said...

It's probably a bunch of those things, hmm? You seem to keep pretty busy, but if it happens to be an island purchase, I do hope you'll invite your fellow Austinites!

Anonymous said...

curiousillusion said...

So do I get to come out to visit the private island? :)

Btw, your captcha says stfu. I mean, there are a few letters in front but still. How rude! :)

Scriber's Web said...

Mythos: You got it right dude! I am hiding in Sweden. Don't tell anyone.

Mary: Ha ha. You are one his mistresses too. Right? Why the heck not?

Janice: Reality is 2, 5, and 6 but that is so boring! Gotto get my readers excited! Must create a scandal! So I am jumping on the Tiger Wood's Mistress bandwagon. I can tell you that my readership has not gone up by much but I am getting a ton of SPAM now. Yeah! In past all the spammers totally ignored me. How rude!

BG: Sounds more exciting right? Who wants to hear about paper work. Although just between you and me, IF I were ever to have an affair with a married/taken guy, it would be Brad Pitt or Johnny Depp. Sigh. Be still my beating heart!

Carol: Ha ha. The bandit was cute. We need to stop going for lunches. Have too many adventures! I cannot handle it!

Kala: 2 is true. I don't mind working long hours and not getting enough sleep. But the stuff I am doing is so so so boring! Choosing health insurance, filing for 401 K. Deciding on all these very very boring and irritating things! Yuck! I just want to take photos and paint!

Sumit: So now you not only know an international blogger and an artist but also know one of the Tiger Wood's mistresses. Exciting right?

Nicole: Dan won't write a story about me. I am so offended. He is so rude! PS. The bandit is very cute I have to say:)

Elizabeth: Of course you are invited! As soon as Tiger gives me da money, I'll buy the island and party for all! Yeah!

Curiousillusion: Of course you are invited! The captors are very rude. They keep feeding me bon bons, chocolate eclairs, and cheesecake. Get me a decent burger dammit! So insensitive!

Anonymous said...

As much as I wish for the private island for you, I'm guessing you are busy with work. I like the picture, though - looks quite interesting and a place I would love to investigate close up!

mythopolis said...

First of all, I can't believe Nicole, my best friend, would besmirch, and cast doubt on my impeccable character! People may think it is easy being a virgin at 65, but its not. I know this is inappropriate, but I would I like to be Tiger Woods, in some ill-fantasy way. Hell, yes! But, his betrayal of his wife, is where he didn't have his s..t together., i

That a bad, bad thing. People agree to live a certain way.
People swing, and so on. But to blind-side, sucker punch your wife is not excusable.

While it makes for lurid fantasy, I think Tiger is just a human. And I wish not to see him in such tabloid fodder.

Nicole said...

No, I just hinted that you will get a great story soon :)

Btw. - I managed to scramble my blog today, so, until I get it fixed, I am posting over here:

How does Scriber say: *LeSigh*


Scriber's Web said...

Hey Anon: Many apologies for completely ignoring you. But seriously how rude of you to leave your blog addie here and totally ignore everything I wrote. But now that I know that I am related to you, I can completely understand. I am nice like that. Specially since I am directly responsible for you being in this world.

I wish you would pay more attention to your college courses. And ultimately marry a girl of your mom's choice. Mom always knows the best!!!!