Sunday, December 20, 2009


Sorry my little chikas and chicklets for disappearing on you.


Did you miss me?

If so why? Write a 500 word essay for me right now. Title should be, "My 20 step program to get find a purpose in life and stop fixating on Scriber."

If not, why the heck not? What's not to miss about me? Write a 5000 word essay for me right now titled "I am a moron because I don't give a damn about Scriber."

If you did not even notice that Scriber was away from the bloggy world, well shame, shame, shame on you! Love me, hate me but don't ever be indifferent to me. I will smother you with love and kindness and feed you bon bons until you beg for mercy. Write a 1 million word essay about "I never gave a damn and now karma is biting my behind."

So there. I feel so much better now.

Seriously, last month has been crazy busy. Work, personal life, parties, art stuff and a list of things to do. You know, I took up photography and painting and then encaustics to entertain myself. To pass the time. To explore my creativity. When the heck did it become a full time gig? I need to write bios, get self portraits done, enter all these "call for entries."

Anyways. I am self-reflecting some.

The boys are back from college. I love, love, love having them at home. My plan today is to make cookies and try to convince/trick them to get portraits. I bloggy-met this fabulous photographer in Austin. I so want her to take photos of my boys. But they don't give in to this easily. I'll keep you posted.

I need to go now and make cookies. I realize that the title of this post, the photo and content have nothing in common. So to wrap up:

I am on vacation for next 2 weeks. Yeah! I'll float around doing this and that like a penguin! I can't wait to catch up with your blogs. I missed you. Did you miss me?



mythopolis said...

Hmmm? "Scriber....?" Hmmm...Oh, yes, "Scriber!" Now, I remember! No. That was somebody else. "Scriber...?" Hmmmm......Ok, I'm gonna have to work on this. The name is familiar, but....ummm....can you give me a hint? Wait! Wait! I remember! Oops! Now, It's gone again. OK, I'm narrowing it down. It is either animal, mineral, or vegetable. Am I right, so far?

: ) : D : ) : D : ) : D : ) !!!!

NicoleB said...

Hey, you warned us that you'ld be gone, so don't get cranky on us because we didn't miss you :P

Elizabeth said...

Hah--keep me posted on the tricky-ness! Y'all can go for a walk, and I can play paparazzi, lol. That would work, right? Anyhow, welcome back to blogging!

BLOGitse said...

you go, come back for a day and then you're off again...strange woman you are! :)

I'm having a break too,
so hopefully we'll meet 'next year'!

Happy holidays!