Sunday, April 11, 2010


So I know that my regular readers think that I am this super macho woman. Embodiment of perfection. Flawless. OK. Give me a break. I would like to believe that you think of me that way. Play along with me. OK?

Last weekend, upon my friend's insistence, I bought tickets to do the segway tour of Austin. Segway is like a motorized scooter that you ride and look utterly stupid in. I have no problems looking stupid if I am having fun. And as long as it is legal. While I told my friend that I had absolutely no atheletic abilities and the last time I rode a bike was decades ago, she did not listen. She said it would be easy.


I went there with my hubby and met a bunch of friends. We rented the segways and got training lessons. Everyone else did great. I sucked. When I wanted to go left, I went right. I could not stop the darn thing on demand. Two trainers tried to help me. I endured dirty glances form other people in the group who could not understand why someone could not do something as easy as that and was slowing them down. I was mortified.

And then I heard the most wonderful statement in a long time. 

Trainer: I am sorry but we must ask you to stay behind. We cannot take you with us.
Me: So I flunked this?
Trainer: It is not you. It is a liability issue.
Me: Thanks so much! What took you so long to decide that I am not capable of riding this darn stupid thing? And can I have a refund please?
So I was stuck in downtown for 2 and1/2 hours while my friends went their happy ways on the tour. I was so relieved that they left me behind. Which is not bad if you have your camera with you. I spent the time taking photos of downtown and the Capitol of Texas. When they called me to tell me the thingie was over and to meet them, I was almost disappointed. I had so much fun walking around and taking the photos.

Here is one of the Capitol of Texas.


  • Have you ever flunked at something and been really relieved?
  • Do you love me less now that you know that I am not a super woman?


Sumit said...

a) Nope!! :( I've never flunked at something I wanted to flunk, and flunked many times at stuff I didn't want to.

b) Nope. I still love you for your modesty. You are a superwoman (with better dressing sense, I'm sure!)

NicoleB, Egypt said...

Those things DO look ridiculous!
And nope, I wouldn't ride them, they look way too scary.

Have I flunked anything and been relieved,..., mh, yepp years ago when I thought about doing diving.
I'm a chicken :)

b) Nope, not an ounce less :)

And I'm glad you went on a photo tour. That capitol looks gorgeous!

Ballerina Girl said...

The love is still flowing...and as for flunking, I'm sure I didn't do as well at something, but why dwell on the past ;)
I think Austin is such a great city. That is a great picture of a really beautiful city hall!


mythopolis said..., yes, still love you. Look, you need a Moped or a Motobecane, or a Vespa. Now, that's hot! Actually, I was never too good at tying my shoes. I was taunted and bullied for years. Now that I am a senior citizen, people are more sympathetic. They think it's Alzheimer's.

Kala said...

I am pretty sure I would have flunked too. I do not like those things at all.

Scriber's Web said...

Sumit: Aww...:) Thank you! And yes I have much much better fashion sense. Thank God!

Nicole: Oh diving is so brave! BG does it and I am in awe of her for that! And thank you for still loving me:) The capitol is gorgeous. Can't believe I haven't been there before!

BG: Thank you! Austin is so lovely! You need to come visit me sometime:)

Mythos: Stop laughing at me! Ha ha. Too funny about tying shoe laces:)

Kala: It was very unnerving. I prefer to have my feet firmly planted on the ground:)

Postcards from Wildwood said...

Ah Scriber, I love you more! A liability issue indeed!