Sunday, August 1, 2010

Strange Dream

Last night I had the strangest dream.

I dreamt that I was fast asleep in my bed when in the middle of the night, someone broke into my bedroom. This guy had a deep deep voice and was very intimidating. He had a look of authority. Like a cop or FBI or even IRS. He told me that he wanted to ask me questions about an acquaintance of mine. Somehow the way he said it assured me that he was not there to steal, murder or rape. Just on some very top secret government mission.

I really didn't want to respond. What could I say? That she is a fun gal to hang out with? And that's all I know about her?

I was terrified. I don't lie and did not want to.

That's when Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp came to rescue me. 

And then... I woke up.

Le Sigh!

So obviously when I woke up, I tried to do online research about the interpretation of the dream. But no luck. What kind of dream analysis does not recognize Brad Pitt?

So today I am going to order this book.

Dream Dictionary : An A to Z Guide to Understanding Your Unconscious Mind

Anyone have recommendations? What do you think my dream meant? And have you had a strange dream that you can share? Do tell!


Postcards from Wildwood said...

Hi SCriber,
I have no idea what your dream means. But isn't it always the way that just as J Depp and B Pitt come to rescue you, you wake up....! Incidentally, and this may just be nit-picking a little, but you're possibly being a wee bit specific expecting a dreamer's dictionary to include 'being rescued by Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp..' Just saying, that's all....!!!

mythopolis said...

Well, the worst part of the dream was waking up before getting into a menage a trois. But, it seems a damsel in distress rescued by the knights in shining armor...or gleaming biceps, or whatever.....So, if you were caught in this situation, and had to choose....would it be Brad or Johnny? You must go back to sleep immediately to see what happens next. Have you seen Days of Heaven?
A woman caught between Richard Gere and Sam Shepard?

Kala said...

LOL - such are dreams!

Marcia Dreams said...

Yeah, it seems like your unconscious may have set the whole thing up just so Johnny and Brad had an excuse to come and rescue you.

NicoleB, Kuwiat said...

Stop watching TV and stop reading glamour magazines ;)

Scriber's Web said...

Janice: Ha ha! I've been doing that! It is so entertaining to read the interpretations! Obviously I have a crush on these guys and every time my life becomes a bit challenging, I subconsciously imagine they come and rescue me:) I told my psychic friend about the dream and she warned me. Antonio Banderas is going to show up next. LOL.

Mythos: You are right. The worst part was waking up! I have no idea who I would pick if I had to choose:) My life is very tough with all kinds of difficult decisions to make! Woe is me! And no I haven't seen Days of heaven but will add immediately to my Netflix list:)

Kala: Yeah I know. My dreams are very telling. Once I gave up carbs for a month. I had a dream that I was lying next to a gigantic baked potato. It was bigger than me. Le sigh! Me crazy:)

Marcia Dreams: Thanks for visiting and your comment! I went to your web site and really liked it. My dream interpretation could be a full time job:) But you are spot on about the interpretation. I have a crush on these guys and need rescuing:)

Nicole: No! No! No! TV can go but I need my glamor magazines! How else can I tell how I am doing in life? :)

sujata sv said...

your dream i guess would suggest your unconscious need to get you out of some areas or situations of life that you do not like to be in.

Forget anaylising and enjoy the knights in shining amour and keep sleeping :)