Friday, July 23, 2010

Mama's Fish House

One of the best places to eat in Maui is a restaurant called Mama's Fish House. Located in Paia, this restaurant not only offers breathtaking views but also the freshest and tastiest food.

While in Maui, this experience is not to be missed. Sure it is expensive but if you are on a vacation and want to eat at one good restaurant, this IS the place to go.

Open air and everyone has a view. 

What I really liked about this restaurant is that there is beauty everywhere. I have to say that I took at least 200 photos while I was there. Remember the benches photo I posted? That is from this place. They have connections with local artists who provide flowers, wood work etc. I'll be publishing some more photos in future.

My hubby ordered some sushi. The fish was fresh, fresh, fresh. I personally don't like sushi. Why would you eat raw fish? But lots of people do and I definitely can take a bite.

Hawaian fish with caramelized onions. Yummy! My hubby and his brother loved the other fish!


The only criticism I have about this restaurant is that it is not vegetarian friendly. If a vegan shows up there, may God help them. My sis-in-law is a vegetarian. But being a world traveler, she is very flexible and accustomed to going to restaurants where they have very limited options for her.

But me being me, asked the waiter if the chef could prepare a vegetarian dish for her. There was nothing on the menu for her. He said that he would ask the chef. I seriously thought that the chef would cook up some pasta or something for her. The solution that the chef came up with? Children-menu grilled cheese. That, in my opinion, was seriously lazy of him. How hard is it to cook up some veggie noodles? Or spaghetti. Or simply fix a garden salad. But nope. Grilled cheese it was.

And how much did they charge for the grilled cheese? 35 US dollars. Yep. Yep. I kid you not. Of course they did not tell us how much the grilled cheese would cost ahead of time. It would have been too tacky. But we got quiet a surprise when it popped up on the bill.

So to my vegetarian readers, go there after you eat food. They have plenty of desserts and great drinks. The atmosphere is to die for.

I can't wait to go to Maui again so I can eat there!

If you are going to Maui, here is the best book you can find.

Maui Revealed: The Ultimate Guidebook


Kala said...

These photos make me long to visit Maui again!

Jodi said...

First...that first picture is GORGEOUS!!!

Second... T H I R T Y - F I V E dollars for grilled cheese. I seriously would have gotten a manager and refused to pay that. They should have let you guys know that. A friend of mine flipped out when she had a grilled cheese & ham at a cafe and it cost her $6.75. I am going to share this story with her so she doesn't feel bad anymore. That is terrible that they did that to you guys. Since they didn't have anything to accomodate her special diet, they should have comped her...not charged her $35. Holy Moly!!

Thank you for your comment on my blog!! xoxox I am SO happy!!!

Postcards from Wildwood said...

Jodi just tool all the words out of my mouth! When I saw that photo I thought 'Wow! I HAVE to go there', and then when I read how they dealt with a vegetarian ... how DREADFUL!

For me the sign of a good restaurant is one that will bend a little to meet specific dietary requirements. The problem with tourist restaurants is that they don't always feel the need to do that. It's not like you're about to be regular customers. I see the same thing here. Good restaurants that want you to go back all year will put themselves out; tourist restaurants in the summer won't be flexible. And since we DO live here they're shooting themselves in the foot because we won't go back. We went to a local restaurant a few years ago and my son didn't like any of the desserts. I asked if they could possibly come up with anything that resembled banoffee pie for him - and they DID! As I recall it was a banana with a caramel ice cream and a few trimmings - and they charged a price in line with the other desserts. That's not something you'd forget in a hurry!

mythopolis said...

I am not into sugar and spice, but give me an Avocado. I would cut it in half, remove the stone, and get a spoon. I would scoop out each half of the avocado like it was some kind of ice cream. Is there a help group for people like me?

sujata sv said...

very good pics and i feel like going for a holiday!!! since i eat fish but only cooked so i guess i'll be ok

mythopolis said...

August 27. Mars will be closest to earth ever. Look for it after sunset. You might see Venus and the Moon, and Mars all alone in the sky!

NicoleB, Kuwiat said...

That food looks so delicious!

All else is already said by the girls ahead of me.... darn!

@Dan, I can do the same, but I need a wee bit of lemon and salt :)

Scriber's Web said...

Argh! Blogger ate my comments!

Kala: We should go to Maui together and shoot flowers! Wouldn't that be fantastic?

Scriber's Web said...

Jodi: Thank you! By the time I realized it, it was too late! I've never been to an upscale restaurant where they do not have a veggie option. And if they don't, the chef will make something for you. And charging 35 dollars for a grilled cheese is simply horrendous.

Scriber's Web said...

Janice: Definitely very bad practice on their part. The restaurant you describe sounds like a truly nice place! Even here in Texas, we have never had any problems with veggie meals. Even if we go to a bbq joint! It was simply ridiculous. Both the chef and the waiter were lazy and greedy! So sad. Because the owners I think are nice people.

Scriber's Web said...

Mythos: I love avocado! Yummy! My favorite way of eating it is slice them, salt and pepper them and drizzle with olive oil and lemon juice. Yummy! Groan. Now you are making me hungry!

Scriber's Web said...

Sujata: Yeah! After years of plodding, you finally left me a comment! It made me so so happy! Now you need to get Kaal Penn to comment on my blog. Please:)

Scriber's Web said...

Nicole: The food was absolutely heavenly! And yes I need salt, pepper and lemon juice on my avocado!