Monday, January 31, 2011


I have a new bird! I have a new bird!

What was I thinking?

Someone from work was taking care of this bird Maestro. He is a peach-faced parakeet. He is tinier than Birdie and is a bit scared of humans. But yet he needs company. Where he was living previously, he was alone almost all day long and a tad lonely. Since I have a lot of traffic at home all day long, I offered to take him in.

And he came this weekend! It was so so exciting! He is, as you can tell, gorgeous!

I spent a ton of time this weekend reading books about parrot and parakeets. I want to win his love and trust. And I want it badly!

After hours of reading, I realized that winning his love is exactly like how I behaved in high school. Give tons of attention for ten minutes. Sing to him and coo to him. Then, ignore him for 20 minutes. After that, go back into the room so he can see you and continue your normal tasks for another 10 minutes and continue to ignore him. What this does is that he realizes that HE needs to strive to get my attention. Ha!

See? Just like high school. Piece of cake! Miso, as I call him will be smitten with me in no time.

Wish me luck:)

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