Sunday, January 16, 2011

Runing Away...

I am running away today.

Last month, I took some time off from work. Ad what did I do? Stayed at home and reorganized my entire house.Took everything out of kitchen cabinets, put back only things that I had used in last 5 years and gave away the rest.

Of course I took naps, read trashy novels, watched movies and hung out with my boys. But I cannot say I did anything fun.

So today I am going to run away. Just for a day. I am going to the beach. In this cold rainy weather. I just want to see the sea. And perhaps watch the sun set on the beach. I want to escape from the realities of life and just have some fun.
As some as the idea of running away germinated in my brain, I thought of my friend Alex. I texted her:

Me: let's run away to the beach and get jobs working at a cabana. We'll wear bikinis, sarongs and flip-flops all day and serve exotic drinks to tourists. F***  high-tech and corporations.

She: OK. Let's do it. When?

Me: Next weekend. I am too busy this week. Upper management in town.

She: You want to invite the guys?

Me: Nope. But we'll tell them where we are going so they can chase us.

She: Good plan. You want to drive? I have a tiny car.

Me: Sure.... let's just forget about the guys... women only weekend!

She: OK. Girlie time!

Me: On second thoughts... let's take the guys with us. If just the two of us go, we may NEVER come back. 2 years later, we'll find ourselves in Mexico being some Mexican Gang's mistresses.

She: Yeah! Sounds fun.

Me: You are bad influence. We take the guys. They will drive us and fetch us fine wine.

She: Even better.  Do you think we'll meet some pirates?

Me: Le sigh!

So there you have it. It is cold and rainy out there but I am going to the beach. Running, running, running away.


Where is Darran? said...

Let's hear how it goes. I'm getting restless again.

Kala said...

I love the flare in this shot. Hope you had fun during your time away! (If only for a day)

mythopolis said...

I like that photo a lot!

Sounds like a case of cabin fever. Just keep typing, "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy...."