Sunday, March 20, 2011

3 moons and an alien ship

Last night I went out to take photos of the moon.

Here is my favorite one. Not really sure what the green stuff is. But I can say for sure that I was not abducted last night:)

Anyone have any theories about the green object? There were no planes flying when I took this shot. And I could see no green stuff in the sky. Do you think it is my lens over-correcting the blackness?

I am curious!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Happy 21st Son 2!

So my baby turns 21 today. Yeah!

Happy birthday to my son 2. My baby.
I can't help but feel relieved over this event. We work so hard to raise babies, hoping that they will learn values and become good human beings. But everything is trial and error. And guilt, tremendous, bone crushing guilt is somehow upon Moms every single day.

I shouldn't have fed him home baked cookies after school.

I should have forced him to eat Brussels sprouts.

I should and shouldn't... the list goes on and on and on...
Le sigh!

But today, I am going to forgo it all. And simply focus on the huge task I accomplished. I raised a child. And I am ready to let him go out there in the world. Watch out world here he comes!

As for me, I took the day off today to simply celebrate my success. Of course it is all about me. I made this happen didn't I? And yes his father and an entire village helped me accomplish this. But today... I am simply going to claim this as mine and savor it.

Guilt free!