Monday, January 31, 2011


I have a new bird! I have a new bird!

What was I thinking?

Someone from work was taking care of this bird Maestro. He is a peach-faced parakeet. He is tinier than Birdie and is a bit scared of humans. But yet he needs company. Where he was living previously, he was alone almost all day long and a tad lonely. Since I have a lot of traffic at home all day long, I offered to take him in.

And he came this weekend! It was so so exciting! He is, as you can tell, gorgeous!

I spent a ton of time this weekend reading books about parrot and parakeets. I want to win his love and trust. And I want it badly!

After hours of reading, I realized that winning his love is exactly like how I behaved in high school. Give tons of attention for ten minutes. Sing to him and coo to him. Then, ignore him for 20 minutes. After that, go back into the room so he can see you and continue your normal tasks for another 10 minutes and continue to ignore him. What this does is that he realizes that HE needs to strive to get my attention. Ha!

See? Just like high school. Piece of cake! Miso, as I call him will be smitten with me in no time.

Wish me luck:)

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sea Side

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Hula Granny

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Trip Report

Somewhere in Port Aransas Texas, a little bar called Bernie's will never ever be the same.

Where can I start about my adventure? It had all the ingrediants of a bollywood movie. There were cute animals, guns, drugs, romance, dancing, booze, Cops chasing our car,  Country dances, hot motorcycle mamas, poker games, lost cell phones, and stalkers. 

I know... it happened to me but even I do not believe it. 

Here are some highlights:

  • Went to a bar called Bernise. Apparently they had live music and senior citizen dance evening. Saw a hot motor cycle mama wearing all leather clothes and gargantial boobs. They were huge! But she looked hot and ready to party! I hope I look that great in my 80s!
  • While everyone was dancing country, they played the song Margeritaville. I grabbed my girlfriend and we danced in the middle of the floor. In hind sight, it was a rude thing to do. But I just wanted to dance. My hubby quickly escorted us out of the bar before we would get in trouble.
  • Watched the sun set.
  • Went to numerous places, had excellent appetizers and a lovely dinner. Excellent seafood!
  • I did not want to sleep early so we asked around for a happening spot. And everyone told us to go to Bernise. We were skeptical but we went there anyways. When we walked into the bar, all eyes were upon us! We were the hottest chicks at the bar! I felt like a celebrity! My friend A and I were playing pool. Guys were lining up to buy our drinks. Everyone wanted to play pool with us. Granted I had no idea how to play it and clearly demonstrated it but no one cared. Clearly we were the hottest chicks at the bar! How flattering! What a boost to my ego! I still got it!
  • An elderly gentleman bought me a drink. I refused numerous times but then he sent the waitress with a drink. I kept telling him that we were married and our hubbies were in the next room selecting some music but he said, "I just want to play pool with you ladies."
  • Meanwhile, two younger guys were sitting at the bar. They came up to us and said," OK ladies, let's play pool." I told them I had no idea how to play but they insisted. The best player was on my team. And we ended up winning! No thanks to me!
  • The older guy returned and complained to the guys, "Hey! I was supposed to play pool with them" And the younger guy said, "Sorry Pops. We got them first." OUCH!
  • One of the guys came up to us and offered to get us some weed or something stronger. We politely declined. No one ever has made me an offer like that! Another first!
  • Then the poker party started. Everyone except me started playing poker. Unfortunately none of us won. It was a free game so it did not matter but still. People were playing like crazy!
  • Meanwhile, I lost my iPhone. I went around the bar looking for it. And the elderly guy kept following me around. He wanted to play pool! He kept stalking me wherever I went! I ran back to the poker room and encouraged my hubby to lose all his money so he could help me find the phone.
  • When we finally returned to our hotel, I found my phone rather miraculously. Thank God!
  • We went to the beach the next day and watched dolphins in the sea. Best moment ever!
  • On our way back, my friend A. was already planning the next trip. "I had more adventure in 20 hours than I did last year! Let's do it again! We were the hottest chicks out there!"
  • As we were driving back to Austin, a cop car started to drive right next to us. But cops were staring at my friend A. and me. They kept leaning over to get a closer look at us. This went on for about 2-3 minutes then they slowed down. A.'s fiance joked "Look! Even the cops are checking you out. Can't go anywhere with you gals."  Soon the cop car was right behind us and turned the lights on. We were petrified. We had done nothing illegal. But it was strange. We rolled our windows down and the cop walked towards us. He smiled and spoke directly to my friend A. "Hello ladies!!!:):) Just wanted to make sure you were wearing seat belts." And A. said, "Of course we are wearing seat belts officer!" He smiled, gave a mini-salute and said, "Have a wonderful day ladies!" And then said, "You are free to go!" Can you believe that? There was absolutely no reason for him to stop us! My theory is that word got out a couple of very hot chicks were leaving town and the cop simply wanted to check us out.
There. So that's what happened on my trip.Broke numerous hearts. I have a feeling that 10 years later, 2 guys will be nursing a beer at Bernise and saying, "Do you remember the day when those two hot chicks walked into the bar?"

We will be a legend there for sure. 

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Runing Away...

I am running away today.

Last month, I took some time off from work. Ad what did I do? Stayed at home and reorganized my entire house.Took everything out of kitchen cabinets, put back only things that I had used in last 5 years and gave away the rest.

Of course I took naps, read trashy novels, watched movies and hung out with my boys. But I cannot say I did anything fun.

So today I am going to run away. Just for a day. I am going to the beach. In this cold rainy weather. I just want to see the sea. And perhaps watch the sun set on the beach. I want to escape from the realities of life and just have some fun.
As some as the idea of running away germinated in my brain, I thought of my friend Alex. I texted her:

Me: let's run away to the beach and get jobs working at a cabana. We'll wear bikinis, sarongs and flip-flops all day and serve exotic drinks to tourists. F***  high-tech and corporations.

She: OK. Let's do it. When?

Me: Next weekend. I am too busy this week. Upper management in town.

She: You want to invite the guys?

Me: Nope. But we'll tell them where we are going so they can chase us.

She: Good plan. You want to drive? I have a tiny car.

Me: Sure.... let's just forget about the guys... women only weekend!

She: OK. Girlie time!

Me: On second thoughts... let's take the guys with us. If just the two of us go, we may NEVER come back. 2 years later, we'll find ourselves in Mexico being some Mexican Gang's mistresses.

She: Yeah! Sounds fun.

Me: You are bad influence. We take the guys. They will drive us and fetch us fine wine.

She: Even better.  Do you think we'll meet some pirates?

Me: Le sigh!

So there you have it. It is cold and rainy out there but I am going to the beach. Running, running, running away.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy 2011!

Happy new year my dear bloggy friends! I hope that you have a very healthy, happy, successful and prosperous 2011.

I don't know about you but I am excited about the new year. 2010 wore me out. Too many ups and downs. 

And too many leaks. The oil leak, the wiki leak, Mel Gibson's yelling and cussing recording leaks...I read an article in the Time magazine which called 2010 the year of the leaks. Joel Stein says it best. Here is the article in case you are interested.

So this year, I am not making any resolutions. What is the point? I break them anyways.

What about you? Do you make resolutions?

 Any exciting ones you can share?