Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas Eve!

Merry Christmas Eve y'all!

May today be a fun filled and joyous day for you. What are your plans today?

I am hosting a dinner party tonight. At least I think I am. I got up this morning early and started cooking. And doing dishes. Suddenly I noticed a pool of water near my feet.

My sink is leaking! My sink is leaking!

Darn! Darn! Darn!

I panicked for a minute and did what a normal person SHOULD do. I posted about it on twitter. Then I updated my facebook page. Then I proceeded to clean it all up.

In a few minutes, I will wake my hubby up and ask him to fix it or find someone else who can fix it. The dinner will go on. Meanwhile, I am blogging and visiting my friends' blogs. Hey life goes on.

So, did I tell you that while I was cleaning up, I found a penny? Must be my lucky day! Yeah!

Questions of the day: What are you eating tonight? And what are you wearing?

Come on. Entertain me!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas, happy Hanukkah and happy holidays to all of you. I wish nothing but the best for you. Hope you find peace, joy, love and much happiness.

Thank you reading my blog, commenting and being a fabulous bloggy friend. All 6 of you who read my blog have enriched my life. I want to thank you for that.

So what have I really been up to?

Frankly, not much. At least nothing productive.

The boys (my sons) are back in town and I've been hanging out with them, cooking, cleaning and playing Super Mario Brothers wii. I can be honest with you and tell you that Super Mario brothers is a very very addicting game. Do not ever buy it. It will destroy your life as you know it.

I've been sending my family on these fake errands and as soon as they leave, I plop myself by the TV and play. And play. And time flies when you are playing. The other day, I swear I was playing only for like 2 minutes but my hubby came back from running a 2 hour errand. How could that be possible?

Le Sigh! Le Sigh!

Well sooner or later my family will figure out that I am so making up the errands. And I am so addicted to the game that they will have to send me to a game addiction rehab. But until then, I can play.

Today I will try to beat level 5-4. And in between somewhere, make cookies, pies, stuffing etc. for a big dinner tomorrow.

Oh pousse! Je suis dans la situation très difficile. Oui?

Oh baise !

Sunday, December 20, 2009


Sorry my little chikas and chicklets for disappearing on you.


Did you miss me?

If so why? Write a 500 word essay for me right now. Title should be, "My 20 step program to get find a purpose in life and stop fixating on Scriber."

If not, why the heck not? What's not to miss about me? Write a 5000 word essay for me right now titled "I am a moron because I don't give a damn about Scriber."

If you did not even notice that Scriber was away from the bloggy world, well shame, shame, shame on you! Love me, hate me but don't ever be indifferent to me. I will smother you with love and kindness and feed you bon bons until you beg for mercy. Write a 1 million word essay about "I never gave a damn and now karma is biting my behind."

So there. I feel so much better now.

Seriously, last month has been crazy busy. Work, personal life, parties, art stuff and a list of things to do. You know, I took up photography and painting and then encaustics to entertain myself. To pass the time. To explore my creativity. When the heck did it become a full time gig? I need to write bios, get self portraits done, enter all these "call for entries."

Anyways. I am self-reflecting some.

The boys are back from college. I love, love, love having them at home. My plan today is to make cookies and try to convince/trick them to get portraits. I bloggy-met this fabulous photographer in Austin. I so want her to take photos of my boys. But they don't give in to this easily. I'll keep you posted.

I need to go now and make cookies. I realize that the title of this post, the photo and content have nothing in common. So to wrap up:

I am on vacation for next 2 weeks. Yeah! I'll float around doing this and that like a penguin! I can't wait to catch up with your blogs. I missed you. Did you miss me?


Thursday, December 10, 2009

In case...

In case you are wondering where I am, here are some options:

1. Eloped with the Christmas Bandit. Yes he is back.

2. Working long hours and not getting much sleep.

3. Bought a private island and ran away to it.

4. Looking at the sky, waiting for the much hyped Snow Event in Austin. Where's the snow? Where's the snow?

5.Doing tons of exciting paperwork that involves health insurance, financial mumbo jumbo and Life Death insurance.

6. Having a mental break down trying to decide what the heck to buy. Why can't I have it all and world peace? Life is so unfair!

7. Hiding from the papparazzi. Yes I was one of Tiger wood's mistresses. But don't tell anyone!

So what do you really think is happening? Give me a number. What do you suspect?

I promise to catch up with everyone this weekend.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Need Camera Lens Advice

So I have a very unusual situation going on right now. Let's just say it is a rare situation. I have a bit of money in dire need of spending. Yipee!

Here is what happened. The company I work for got bought by a bigger company. As a result, I made a tiny amount of money. So now I want to spend a little money and get a little momento to reward myself. It is a rare situation for me. What to buy?

Some choices:

  • Private Island LOL. Not that much money.
  • A mac laptop
  • Uggs
  • Camera bag
  • Camera Lens
You would think it is easy to figure out how to spend the money but it is really not. What should I get? I keep changing my mind every 5 minutes. I am annoying everyone including myself.


I am thinking of buying a new lens. Micro lens is what comes to my mind. But I am not sure. I have a Nikon D 60 camera. Should I get a telephoto or another lens instead?

Someone asked me why I wanted a micro lens. And I said so I can take close up photos of bugs and flowers. Somehow that made it feel small and insignificant. Now I am second guessing myself.

What is your advice? What do you recommend?

Any advice? Help please?