Sunday, March 21, 2010

Collage: 2

A while back, I experimented with collages and wrote a post about it here. Oh what fun it was!

My dear bloggy friend Linda at Croneandbearit decided to have some fun and play with it a bit. She posted about it here. And she talked about how much fun she had doing it here.

I swear. Playing with Modpodge is a whole lot of fun! If you haven't tried it, you are missing out on tons of fun!

The piece I posted today was created by Linda. Isn't it super cool? And how adorable is Emma Lou?

Thank you so much Linda for sharing this with us! May many more modpodge projects entertain us!


mythopolis said...

Modpodge? Isn't that some kind of eye-liner that Twiggy wore?

NicoleB said...

Awesome job :D
Love all the smily faces of Emma Lou :)!

croneandbearit said...

Oh my - I didn't really expect you to post such a large picture of it - and yes, it is now hanging on the wall of my home office but needs a little extra glue on one side - LOL - thank you for the links sweetie - and it WAS fun to play in the ModPodge. EmmaLou, Golden Destroyer just makes too cute a subject. Now I've done your Pay It Forward craft, I've done your Collage craft no more suggestions for awhile please - I have been giving away all my Easter eggs and I simply have to get busy making some more! I'm sure they will show up in a post - you know me and crafts...ROFL