Monday, March 22, 2010


I think I have the walking pneumonia or something.

For the last 3 weeks or more, I've had a cold that simply won't go away. It gets worse and worse. I've tried conventional medicine, ayurvedic medicine, homepathy, yoga, hanging myself upside down, etc. etc. etc.

But so far nothing has worked and I am only getting worse.

Of course this is all my husband's fault because while I was suffering, he was globe trotting around the world for work.

And since I have a job and have very limited vacation, I've been taking half the dose of the medication during weekdays. On weekends, I crank up to the full dose and literally sleep all day long. The hubby is back in town and has been notified to take care of me.

The other day, I lost my voice. One minute I was speaking and the next... no voice... And how ironic is that I had just taken a vow of silence on my blog! Whoever is controlling things out there certainly has a sense of humor!

So I think I have laryngitis or whatever-ritis. And trust me. It feels worse than my body being invaded by aliens.

So how are you doing?


mythopolis said...

Ooooh...sorry. Could it possibly be an allergy of some kind? Hope you are better soon!!

croneandbearit said...

You poor thing - please get better soon; this has gone on long enough. Sickness: Be Gone! As for me I'm the only one of many I know who has NOT come down with a case of the crud lately - but then I am really suffering with the back issue so apparently sometimes life sucks. ;)

BLOGitse said...

Oh boy!
It's not good that an adult woman doesn't know her limits and do not take care of herself! Shame on you!
You KNOW that colds get better only to suffer them off. (i don't know how to say that in English, hope you understand)
If you play long enough you might get something more serious complications...
Isn't health number one thing in our life?
Now, be a good girl and take care of yourself! Promise?! Good! :)

I pack...


Kala said...

Yikes! I am doing well but I hope YOU will be feeling betters soon.