Saturday, March 14, 2009

Scavenger Hunt

This is my first Photography Scavenger Hunt. To see more participants and vote, click here.

Austin, Texas.

1. Local Currency.

2. Local Flag.

3. Local Food. Breakfast tacos.

4. Something rusty.

5. Local Wildlife.

6. Local Nature.

7. Local Stamp.

8. Part of Neighborhood.

9. Traditional House.

10. Local Person

11. Local Weather.

12. Local Transportation.

13. Traditional Local Clothing: Jeans.

14. Night Skies.

15. Sunrise.

16. Local Product Non Food.

17. Something Furry.

18. Something Feathery.

19. Sign of Season.

20. Part of me.

21. My main hobby.

22. Local Shop.

23. Local Restaurant.

24. Street Sign.

25. Local Mailbox.


Unknown said...

Yes you made the deadline :)
Still time left ;)

Love this collection!

Tacos, yumyum :)!
Totally love the nature shot!
The street sign looks like Ghost town :D

Scriber's Web said...

Yes! I am so excited! This was so much fun Nicole. Thank you so much for organizing this!

Thanks for loving my collection. Some of the stuff was very hard. But I had a great time with it. On to check other entries:)

You rock!

mythopolis said...

Cool, Scriber...I think my favs are the sunset and the low hanging trees by the water and ducks! Oops, I forgot about Alex! As for round rock donuts...don't those hurt your teeth? My only disappointment was I had hoped to see a butter squash with rose petals for the local food photo! : )

Anonymous said...

Fun pictures. I love that the fluffy is the rear end of the puppy!! Also, the bird pic with its motion is really great!

mythopolis said...

I have looked at a lot of the various posts, and so far, you are showing the most should get a prize for that, and then take us all for dinner!

Scriber's Web said...

Mythos: This was harder than I imagined.

Round rock donuts are very very famous here. Round rock is a suburb of Austin. Sorry to disappoint you about the butter squash with rose petals but I have to save something for another time. How else would you come back?

Clare: Thanks for visiting and commenting. Your photos are great! Ha ha. I never looked at the furry photo as you described it but now that you say it... LOL.

Mythos: Since it is a large number, I can only serve baked butter squash with rose petals. Can you bring some wine? WV: rackl. Ha ha.

Chris said...

Nicely done on the photo hunt! The sunrise photo is one of my favs but they're all good!

Ballerina Girl said...

great job Scriber!
I have actually been to that restaurant!!! (I think?)

Pamela said...

very clever photo of the stamp.
I'm impressed with all the original ways you presented!

Mojo said...

I'm with Pamela, your presentations are great! I've been anxious to see what bloggers in the US would do with the Currency prompt since it all looks the same no matter where you go. I considered using the term "currency" in a context other than actual money, but I figured it would take too long to explain.

Wonderful collection. If I had to pick a favorite, I'd probably go for the stamp shot. Very creative!

mythopolis said...

Excuse me, I am a stranger in these parts, but who is the hot chick sitting in the car taking a picture of you while you are taking a picture of her?

Word verification: "lightea": its de-caffeinated!

Scriber's Web said...

Chris: Thanks for visiting and commenting. Love your shots. Sunrise was my favorite:)

BG: You may have. It is a very famous restaurant in Austin. When are you coming next? Thanks for the compliment:)

Pamela: Thanks for visiting, commenting and complimenting. The stamp photo was just a fluke. I had taken photos of the stamps before but just did not like them. So I redid them yesterday. Glad you like them:)

Mojo: Thanks for visiting, commenting and the compliment. I must have taken at least 2 more rounds of these photos. The first two batches just did not turn out well. So glad that you like it.

Mytho: I have no idea who that disheveled, badly dressed person is. It wasn't me:)WV: sprds. What do you think that means? Someone who ate too many spuds and became a sprds?

Monica said...

I also Love the sunrise shot.The skys here are never that pretty.

Kristi @ Mi Vida Ocupada said...

Nice job with the Photo Hunt

Terri said...

Beautiful sunrise shot! And I love the transportation. Is it ever used?

Anonymous said...

I love your hobby (I love the mirror) and sunrise. I'm a sucker for a good sunrise, being the morning person I am..........:)

BLOGitse said...

Great job Scriber!
i like your hands! :-)

This took much more time than i thought couple of weeks ago. But we did it!
and it was fun!

Have a nice week!

mythopolis said...

I think sprds is a verb, and, of course spuds, a noun...if you eat too many spuds, you sprd.

Janice / Dancing with Sunflowers said...

I love all your really imaginative ideas and presentations. Especially your hands. I'm a little scared of your bird(!), and was of course a little disappointed in your interpretation of the weather. After all the discussion from your post last week I expected more drama. You know - a weather EVENT!!!
I think this was a great idea of Nicole's and will go off there to look at some of the other links. Would have joined in myself if I'd read about it in time.

Scriber's Web said...

Monica: Thanks! The skies here are not always these pretty but I had to do some magic:)

Kristi: Thanks for visiting and commenting. It was a lot of fun:)

Terry: Thanks for visiting and commenting. I use the carriage all the time! Except when I use my broom to fly to visit Nicole:)

LisaN: Thanks so much! I am a morning person too! I think a lot of folks picked photography as their hobby. LOL.

Blogitse: Thanks Woman! My hands are too square and not delicate at all. I had to cover them. LOL. It was a lot of work. But next time it will be a little easier I think. I learned from my mistakes.

Mythos: LOL. That would explain what happened to me:)

Janice: A ton of people said that they would have participated if they knew sooner. I feel bad that I did not advertise it on my blog. I'll do it next time. So keep your camera handy! You are smart to be afraid of my birdie. Be very very afraid! She only likes men! You are right about the weather photo being so tame. LOL. Next time, I'll have more drama. I took this really nice shot of a Rain Event but couldn't find it and was running out of time. There was too much drama going on in the bloggy world! You should totally check out all the entries. They are all great.

Unknown said...

Hey I have one of those little glass shoes! :) I used to live in Corpus, maybe that's why. :) I love that sunrise!!

Anonymous said...

What a great idea! I think I would enjoy such a thing! Your pics are great! and I love how they display the uniqueness of where you are... Great job!

Carol said...

Great photos and your hobby is mine as well! It is actually my business and hobby!

Can't get enough ~

Thanks for sharing!

Fellow Photographer,

Nukke said...

Yes, this just that what I have done and you'll find my pics in

pics are in my blog in April=Huhtikuu