Saturday, September 27, 2008


My photo friday entry for spontaneous.

Sea of Cortez.


Alida Thorpe said...

Do you know what is really spontaneous? I just, really just! one minute ago, looked at this photo on Photo Friday. I thought I recognized the name, Scriber's Web so I checked it out.

Well, of course it was you and I've commented here before. I then checked my email and received the message that you commented on my blue-claw crab shot!
Really coincidental, isn't it?

Scriber's Web said...


That is hilarious. I'll go check out your entry.

I don't know if you remember, but you helped me with my UTATA Speaks 08 tags. I appreciate that. I found your blog and enjoy reading them.

Also, you should know that Carol and I have created a flickr group and want to turn the utata s. 08 essays into a printed book. You should get a flickr mail from Carol or me soon. I hope you are interested in doing this.

I'll post this comment on your blog too in case you don't check this.

Alida Thorpe said...

I wasn't sure if that was you! I did recognize the name though.
You don't have flickr linked here on this blog. There are so many people with blogs and flickr accounts that I thought it could just be a similar name. I'm glad it's you and will look for the flickr mail!
Nice to meet you!

Jodi said...

Just incredibly beautiful.

Happy Saturday!! :)