Monday, September 1, 2008

Wii Fit top 10

Top 10 reasons why I dislike Wii Fit.

1. Thanks for telling me!

2. Why are you stalking me? Why are you tracking me?

3. I don't need reminders of my deadlines from Wii. There must be a valid reason. I know I missed the deadline. Don't tell me.

4. Thanks for telling me. I would have never known that I did not lose 20+ pounds. You are awesome!

5. Not only did I not reach my goal, I had a bad strategy all along.

6. My dashing but personality-less trainer. I call him Gustav.

7. I am a couch potato. What would I do with my life without Wii giving me these vital tidbits about me?

8. The weight fluctuations in a given day are just crazy. I took the preceding screen shot at 8:00 AM. The following at approximately 10:00 AM.

Can my weight fluctuate by 5.8 lbs in an hour or so? Just by sitting and writing my blog?

9. Some days I am 74 and other days I am 24. Neither are close to my real age. The real age feature is very buggy. Everyone I know complains about it.

10. The hype. You can easily buy it in Europe and other countries. Here in USA, it is virtually impossible to get it. It seems like a marketing strategy. Create a demand by generating enough buzz and not enough supplies. I call it fluff.

Which reminds me. I have to put it on ebay today.


Coffee Slut said...

I'll scratch that item off my Christmas wish list. I'm sensitive and that shit would just make me cry!
Hope you're having a great holiday weekend!

"MoodyBlue" Jodi said...

OMG! I would so sell that on Ebay. How dare a program make you feel bad! If it doesn't sell, toss it. LOL!

Ballerina Girl said...

I do not live in the US, and I spent ALL summer while I was there looking for it! Hence, never got it...hoping my Dad fins it for Christmas!
But maybe not, after your post! LOL
I checked on the price here in Brazil...
are you sitting down??
wait, maybe I will post about it....
Title: The Ridiculous Mark Up of Foreign Products
Like it?

Scriber's Web said...

Coffee Slut: Yeah... It can be mean. The rest of the games etc on Wii Fit are actually fun. Just the part where they test you is mean. And you can completely opt out of it. Let me know if you do end up buying it.

Jodi: Well the problem is also that I am not really using it that much. Some of the games are a lot of fun. Just the testing part is mean.

Ballerina Girl: I know you live in Brazil. I am jealous! I think you should do a blog on it. I like your title. Maybe you can say, "500 $? Ha!"

Elizabeth Channel said...

Wow, I'm not so excited about this! And I told my children I'd buy it as soon as the price dropped.

This is too much pressure for me!