Saturday, January 2, 2010

2010 Resolutions

1. No matter how much he begs, I will not have an affair with Tiger Woods.

2. I will not play Super Mario Wii for more than 3 hours a day. In a row. Must take 15 minutes break in between.

3. Exercise, lose weight. Blah blah. Why even bother? Embrace the fact that I will abandon this goal on day two. Life is short. Eat a taco!

4. I will no longer read Christmas newsletters where parents brag and brag UNTIL my sons find a cure for cancer AND obtain world peace.

5. I will not, not, not, not watch American Idol this year. There.

6. Birdie shall be tamed by me. Must figure out a way to do this.

7. I will love more. Love, love, love. Until I annoy the heck out of peeps and they leave me alone. Sigh.

8. I will commit random acts of kindness. Like show up on my son's date, hang out with the girl friend and offer to pay for it all. See what a nice Mom I am?

9. I will read Atlas Shrugged this year. Even if it takes me one year to read it. At least it will help me fall sleep.

10. I will be and let them be. Enough said.

So what are your resolutions? I want to know!


mythopolis said...

I appreciate you trying to pretend we haven't had an affair. Sincerely, Tiger Woods

NicoleB Egypt said...

You crack me up :D
You too, Dan :)

None, really.
Just to some more work in my Shops and finally read those Photography books.
Talk about falling asleep easier.... uhm.... :)

Off topic:

Now, if anyone could tell me why every time I visit a blogger blog I get kicked out of my gmail account and why I can't comment on some blogs....that would make me entirely happy :(

Sumit said...

Scriber, your post was side-splitting. :P Brilliant, you are.

My resolution this year is 1280 x 800. I don't think I'll break it. (Unless, I buy a comp with a larger screen.)

mythopolis said...

Scriber...need to meet with you soon...nothing stuff...Motel 6 out by the airport? Tiger

Postcards from Wildwood said...

I think number 7 may be incompatible with number 1, but may be the answer to number 6. As for 8, your son and his girlfriend are SO lucky to have you around. Good luck with them all!

Kala said...

#1 has me laughing so hard.

#10. Yes!

mythopolis said...

You don't know what it's like to be me. From all over the world, people are wanting me to jump here, and then there. Wears my ass out! - Mario