Saturday, January 16, 2010


Good times can bring out the best in people. And the worst.

Just as bad times can bring out the best in people and the worst.

It simply tells you what kind of human beings they are. It shows their true character.

On one hand we have Pat Robertson claiming that the folks in Haiti made a deal with the Devil so they got what they deserved. Really Pat? In exchange for what? Surely if I made a pact with the Devil, I would get something in return? Millions of dollars? Eternal Youth? An anti-wrinkle cream that works?

The people in Haiti had nothing. Even before the earthquake.

And then you hear stories about the Haiti people chanting and praying. When they have lost the most valuable possessions. Their loved ones. And their homes. And their dignity. Ever having to use a bucket as a toilet in public? And yet they chant and pray.

You also hear about people donating money and desperate to help the people in Haiti.

And businesses trying to do everything they possible can to help. 

Google maps refreshed their satellite photos so aid workers can determine which roads to clear up first to provide aid to people. Wireless networks charging no money to make a call Haiti. Endless stories. And surely more stories of heroism will follow.

Lily Coyle wrote a small piece addressing the Pat Robertson comment. You can read about it here. It is a letter from Satan to Pat. And I wish I had thought of it or said it. It is brilliant.

About this photo that I posted today. I took it years ago when I knew very little about photography and had a cheap camera. But it remains one of my favorite photos. Because it tells a story and is subject to interpretation. I find it compelling.

I was on a business trip to San Fransisco and went to downtown on a bright sunny day. In one of the most liberal cities in the world, I found this man using a microphone to praise Jesus and condemning all other religions. He used a microphone to blast his message. I found it odd. I live in Texas and have never seen anything like that.

So I took a photo. And just while I was doing it, a blind man passed by and I captured it.

It is a classic conflict and junxtaposition. And subject to interpretation. Although I have loved this photo for a long time, I have been reluctant to post it. Because it is controversial.

At one angle, it looks like a man is preaching religion and a blind man is walking away. At another angle, it looks like a man is standing around with his eyes closed, hands up in the air and a blind man in a business suit with partially open eyes with his hands in his pockets. They have totally opposite body language. I am sure that we can find even more interpretations if we think about it. Just notice how much light is on the blind man and how dark the man with the microphone is.

I'll stop now. Because the more I stare at this photo, the more oddities I find.

I hope that today wherever you are and whatever you are doing, you make the right choices. And regardless of how good or bad things are, you take a path that exhibits a human being's best behavior.

Update: You may also want to read the following. Linda Sharp is one of the most well articulated blogger that I know of. This post was inspired by an article she wrote. Click here to read it.


mythopolis said...

With the exception of two or three credit card companies, most charitable donations to a relief effort by credit card are being charged interest. This seems wrong. All credit companies should be prohibited from charging interest on any card transaction to a legitimate charitable organization at any time!!

Now, about your photo. Yes, it is subject to interpretation. As a former FBI agent, I assure you the blind man was not blind at all, but working for the CIA monitoring the local loonies in San Francisco. As you can plainly see he is talking into the top of his walking stick which holds a concealed microphone. Also note, his hand in his coat pocket clutching a gun. The suspect over his shoulder is another scam artist with a Jesus rap collecting money which he will later spend at McDonald's or a nearby liquor store. The so-called blind guy is waiting for authorization to take the guy out.

BLOGitse said...

What can I say - Mytho said it! I agree with him.

I've never understood those jesus preachers...
Would it be okay if different religion preachers would do that all over the city? what a circus that would be!
Christians have the only right to do that? If yes that's not fair!
That kind of preaching is totally unnecessary.
If people are lost and they looking for religion to help they know where to go, what to do!

Anonymity said...

This photo, and the words of Pat Robertson who despite what he says does NOT speak for our Lord Jesus Christ, screams out what is wrong with Christianity.

First off, I can assure you that he was not there giving a message of hope for mankind, but rather sending a condemnation to the people of San Francisco for their sins. Equally idiotic would be the statements of the reverend in light of the tragedy that has befallen the Haitian people.

Second, I find it quite humorous that we have story after story of Christ in the bible healing those in need. A blind man no less, and here this jackass can't even get off his pulpit to help. Not that the man needed help it just shows what has become endemic in the church. Piety above charity.

Christians, little Christs. Is that what our Christ did? Did he go out and condemn the sinners in the world? Did he look at those in dire straits and justify their suffering with a heapin helpin of BS.


As a matter of fact our Christ came in love. Our Christ came to defend the world from the over zealous within the church. Where was the only violent outburst exhibited by Jesus? Outside of the temple where the pious, the religious, the hateful came to buy their forgiveness.

As a follower of Christ it hurts me every time to see someone out there like that. It is so easy to stand on your soap box, literally in this case, and condemn. Jesus came to heal, to build people up, to spend time with people in real relationship, to move past the facades and touch the heart.

Thank you so much for pointing out the utter hypocrisy puked out in the name of Christ.

Scriber's Web said...

Mythos: I agree with you about the credit card companies. They should not charge for it at all. And your FBI interpretation is too funny! :)

Blogitse: You are so right. But then there are all other religious folks preaching their religion! Hare Krishna anyone? Very annoying. People are smart enough to hose their own religions! Let them be!

Anon: Thanks for you comment. And I totally agree with you. I have numerous friends and family who believe in different religions. And in every religion, there is always a bad apple. Pat is simply that. I went to a catholic school and know that Christ did not preach that. Nor does Islam teach you to kill innocent people.

You are right about the guy preaching. He was calling everyone a sinner. And Pat is just an idiot. But... I am sure that the smart people know better than to judge Christianity based on what Pat says.

Also, there are zealots and idiots in every religion. We just have to learn to recognize them and learn to ignore them. Even in politics, we have Republicans like Rush Limb and the Fox news and in Democrats we have Micheal Moore.

They all believe in my way or the high way. And zero tolerance for people who believe differently.

Please don't feel bad regarding Pat's comments. Almost everyone knows that they do not reflect what a good Christian person would think or feel. And remember there are Pats in every religion.

Thanks for your insightful and thought provoking comments!

Nicole said...

Religious fanatics.... sorry, my humble opinion: There's always something majorly wrong with them.

They give me the creeps.

Haiti: Beyond words.
I just wish the world had cared sooner.

The picture: Perfect :)
In many wyas!