Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Watch it Fly

So today's the day when another new year's resolution goes flying out of the window.

The TV show American Idol starts its season today.

5 months of my life will be utterly wasted.

Every year! Every year!!!! I wow not to watch the show and get sucked in. Before I know it, I am watching, talking, living and breathing it. And soon there are discussions, analysis, pools, etc. etc.

Complete waste of time. I could pick up another hobby. Or do stomach crunches and end up with a flat stomach. Or find world peace.

But no.

I watch American Idol instead.

I am a flawed, flawed, flawed human being. Somebody save me from myself now. But one tip, if you come between me and my AI show, prepare to be crushed.

When temptation is too strong, sometimes it is best to simply resist the urge of resisting and succumb to it as soon as you can. Makes life more easy and fun. And at least I am not having an affair with Da Tiger. Or doing something illegal.

So there. Now that I have justified to myself why I must watch American Idol (AI), I can toss that resolution out of the window and breathe a sigh of relief.

And this year, I have decided to do stomach crunches while I watch the show. Why not? At least I will complain a little less when the show ends in May. And hopefully have a flat stomach.

What about you? Do you have any new year's resolutions and are you sticking to them? And are you going to watch American Idol? Will you miss the drunk Paula?


mythopolis said...

I fully expect a weekly report on how many crunches you did! Why do I get the feeling that that is your next resolution to fly out the window? : )

Sumit said...

I think I agree with Mythos! :P

Nicole said...

No crunches, no resolutions and for sure NO AI ;)