Friday, July 2, 2010


Happy Friday and Happy July!

I love the month of July. So many birthdays! Including mine. Yeah!

Unlike most normal folks, I refuse to increment my age every time the earth revolves around the sun. Who made that rule? Why must I add an year to my age simply because mother earth completed a spin around the sun? I just don't get it. Surely a man made that rule and no women were consulted.

I refuse to comply! I rebel!

But in my rebellion, I can't decide what age I should be. 

In my 20s? Nah... I was too insecure and had no clue about life. I was too busy raising two cute little sons.

30s? I was too busy pursuing things that did not really matter. And too busy doing things that truly mattered. In any case, I was simply too busy!

40-45: This is the time when a woman really gets super comfortable in her skin. She knows what she wants and knows how to get it. Ironically pre-menopause also hits her. Here is what menopause is all about as I know it. Testosterone and estrogen are fighting a wicked battle in her body. Creating quite a havoc. Her BS detector is on high alert and she won't accept any BS. She is too busy dealing with the bloating and the non-stop periods.... Nah I think I will pass that.

45-50: So this is the actual area I am in. Fast approaching my 50s like a comet hitting mother earth with a vengeance and knowing that it will die in the process. Full blown Men-Oh-Pause!

But I still think of myself as blooming. I feel that I have just started blossoming. I am just starting to truly embrace the gift that life is. I am truly happy I am where I am.

Le sigh!

So what do you say? What age would you pick for yourself? And do you think that the age really matters or is it all in the mind? Do tell!

PS: Bonus points for answering this question: Describe in 5000 words how the magazine Cosmo has influenced your life.



mythopolis said...

Well, though I am grey haired, and the joints are going, my doctor assures me that my mind is still that of a 12 year old. I took that as a compliment, and it also explains why I love playing super Mario on my Nintendo! As a statement of my maturity, however, I no longer think girls are 'yucky'.

BLOGitse said...

I feel...good. Age is only numbers.
Cosmo - absolutely no influence... :)


Scriber's Web said...

Mythos: Ha ha. I LOVE Super Mario too! And so glad that you don't think of girls as yucky:)

Blogitse: Thanks! Yep age is only numbers!

Postcards from Wildwood said...

I used to think the 30s were the age to be, but I agree with you - I now feel more confident in who I am and what I believe in than I did in my 30s. I also agree with my grandma who used to say 'you're as old as you feel'. She was 92 when she died...

NicoleB, Egypt said...

I don't care much about magazines, nor about age ;-)
I always stay nuts and crazy and most people will never understand me.
That's Life. I gave up on trying :D
Now, I can be in my mind be young all the time and not care what age I am - at the same time :)
I'm not Congratulating yet, I know when :D