Sunday, June 27, 2010

Kisses and World Cup

I interrupt the regularly scheduled program for the following.

World Cup!!! Oh how I love thee!

A cousin of mine who is into all kinds of sports recently asked me... what is the big deal? I watched a game for 3 hours and there was no goal. It was a 0-0 tie. What's the point?
Le Sigh!

I asked him, what is the point of Nascar? Bunch of guys and maybe one woman driving around in circles. But yet it is exciting. And people have dedicated their lives to support this sport. And it is entertaining. Or else people wouldn't really watch it. And let's face it. There is an industry that the Nascar fans support.

World cup is about watching the world's best sportsmen playing a game. Unlike American football, these athletes don't play for a few minutes and go sit down to inhale oxygen. They are real macho men. And macho women. The have strength and power. And know how to use it.

So far I've watched every single game. They are all just amazing. I am watching the England versus Germany game right now. For Janice and my other friends across the pond I hope that England wins. They were already robbed of a goal. We'll see what happens in the second half.

This afternoon is the Argentina versus Mexico game. I am very torn about who to root for. I heart Argentina! They make me week at my knees. And give me butterflies in the stomach. However... I love Mexico too. 

What to do? I'll be happy regardless who wins and crushed regardless who loses.

Oh well.

All I say to the Argentina and Mexico teams is this...

Kisses await for you in Austin if you win this game.



Ballerina Girl said...

Hi Scriber
I am watching too...
did you see the Brasil-Portugal game the other day? Wow, now that's some impressive passing and controlling of the ball.
I think it is exciting to watch any "finals" of a sport. It can also be a lot of fun to watch with people that are excited about...
i.e., we are not usually into race car driving, but watching the Indy 500 with a family that is from Indianapolis and watch it every year, bet against family members with who wins etc...boy we have had fun these past two years watching the crazy circles over and over again!


mythopolis said...

I've watched some of the World Cup and have enjoyed it. I like the international sense of it.

Postcards from Wildwood said...

Ah, Scriber. Thank you. And yet your good wishes were in vain! Yes, we were robbed of that second goal but actually we were outclassed by Germany and played poorly throughout the whole of the finals in South Africa. And the thing is that no-one knows why because those players in the England team are individually amongst the best in the world...
I expect that most of the St George flags that have been decorating our streets will have been taken down by now.
Argentina were fab too.
Have a great week!

NicoleB, Egypt said...

Pft, England,...

The stolen goal was just a Payback for a goal they got against Germany 40 years ago.
So, this time they lost one.
Just fair :-)

Plus, they sucked. Period.

I usually am not a huge Germany fan, but I gotta admit the boys did get their class back after over 15 years of overpaid dickheads ;-)
I was actually quite proud of them :D

Now, I hope their heads won't get too big and they don't screw it up in the next game :-)

Ballerina Girl said...

hey Scriber...go check out Myth's post comments...(well the one titled: Beating the Heat)
He's giving Dee a Myth original!

I was teasing him about you and I wanting a wood sculpture, even if I had to pay for it!


Scriber's Web said...

BG: It was an amazing game! I can't wait to see today's Argentina and Germany game! It will be awesome! BTW... I am working on Mythos to give you something. Or else:) You'll have to give him a shipping address. It could be your home or anyplace else where you can pick it up. He's had my address for a while now and I can tell you that he hasn't shown up with an axe:)

Mythos: World cup is a ton of fun! I love it!

Janice: Sigh.In my opinion, the England team may have the best players but they don't play as a team! They play as individuals with huge egos! And the coach is not that great either. He made some questionable decisions. However... you should be very proud of England! The French team acted like babies. US and England teams both acted in a very dignified manner! So proud of them!

Nicole: Ha ha! I did not know that! I am going to watch the Argentina vs. Germany game. Germany looks very very strong. I am sure that you are rooting for them! I however am rooting for Argentina!!! Sorry!