Sunday, September 19, 2010

I blame Hermine


Lately I've been on a healthy living phase. While I love my chicken fried steak and fried onions, here is what really brought this on.

Due to all the daily critical stuff I had to do the last year for work, I had to cancel and re-cancel my medical appointments. Things such as annual check ups and such. Now that things have kinda settled down, I scheduled some appointments to get it over with.

But... nature was vicious to me. The day I took a day off from work and had 3 Dr. appointments, Hermine attacked Austin. I drove in pouring/pounding rain to attend these appointments. I scrambled. My doctors had warned me that if I did not come for regular check ups, and cancelled all the time, perhaps it was time for me to see someone else.

In other words they were telling me to show up or get dumped by us.

Le sigh!

So I braved the Austin traffic in the nasty weather and went for the appointments. The first one was with an allergist. And an actual freaking mobile home fell of its trailer and landed in the middle of the highway. There was a house on the highway. Even I could not believe this story. Can you imagine telling someone, sorry I am late but a house fell on the highway. Who would believe me?

Anyways. The next appointment was with my general practitioner. I was late, late late. Road were turning into rivers and there were waterfalls everywhere. Who would believe that there was a waterfall dumping water on the road? No one.

So after being chastised by the Medical receptionist for being 20 minutes late, I was rushed into a room and before I knew it, they were taking my blood pressure. It was off the walls. Typically, I have very low blood pressure so this sent them in a panic mode. "Are you stressed about something?" they asked. That's when I wanted to smack them. Yep. Instead I put on my frosty look and said, "have you looked outside? I saw 12 accidents on my way here and had 4 near miss accidents. I was reprimanded for being late as soon as I got here. Would you be a tad stressed under those circumstances?"

Le sigh. I hate doctors and medical peeps. They are rude, rude, rude.

Of course all my results came back and everything in my body is whacky. Everything off the charts. So I have to get more and more test done again. Ugh!

Nothing serious but a series of "let's rule this out" kinda stuff. Not fun at all.

So I am trying to be very very healthy this week. Hopefully all the results will come back normal. But I am still blaming Hermine for creating such havoc on my body. And depriving me of my favorite foods.


mythopolis said...

Glad you didn't run ( or get swept) off the road! Hope nothing serious is going on physicially. ( I knew you were sorta wacky in the head....but, the body too?!

: )

Kala said...

Oh no! Hope all the tests come back A okay. <3

Lindi said...

Well if you want a good influence to support the good call let me know. I'll gladly walk with you or eat healthy lunches!

Postcards from Wildwood said...

I'm sorry. I'm howling with laughter after reading that! No, I would not normally believe any of those things if someone offered them as a reason for being late!

On the other hand, yes I do identify with you stressing out after people behave in such a patronising, holier than thou manner. Of course we shouldn't keep them waiting. But they keep us waiting (when previous patient appointments run over) so often, and we accept their explanations. Given the obvious weather conditions they should have responded better.

But apart from all that, I hope all the tests are good and that all this does is prompt you to live a little more healthily.
Lots of love. x