Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Rain Event!

Rain, rain rain! Hermine is unleashing its power over Austin. Over the last 30 hours, we've had over 12 inches of rain. Flash flood warnings, overflowing creeks and road closures. Schools are starting late or closed. The weather men are hyperventilating. My backyard is submerged in water and there is a little creek flowing through my kitchen garden. But that is small potatoes to what is really happening here. Roads are turning into creeks. And stupid people are trying to drive through them.

The rain has been relentless. Pouring and never stopping. Yesterday, I saw this trailer home that was being transported slip and fall on the road. Commute was not good at all.

Well.... Off too work I go. Commute is going to be bad. But I'll make it. Stay dry wherever you are!


Ballerina Girl said...

stay safe Scriber! Drive carefully!


mythopolis said...

Wow, that's a lot of rain!!! Nashville is still trying to recover from that big one back in May! Watch out for hydroplaning!

Carol said...

The radio has taken up playing theme music. "Who'll Stop the Rain" by CCR and "Float On" by Modest Mouse have been quite popular lately on the local radio stations. I'm discovering that there are a surprising number of songs written about rain.