Thursday, September 30, 2010


Where did September go? It just flew by for me.

Between well checkups and my new diet, the month simply flew by. Plus I am currently sharing my laptop with my son who is studying for a test so have not had much access to my laptop. Weekends included.

I continue to dabble with art. It is hard to do encaustics in summer but I've been painting and sketching. Yep sketching. More like doodling but oh well.

I've signed up for a project called the Sketchbook project. Here is some more info about it in case you are interested in participating. They will exhibit the sketchbooks in 4 US cities and one of them is Austin. Yeah!

Also, I am planning on taking some more encaustic classes in October. So I look forward to that. Here is information about that.

So what have you been up to?


mythopolis said...

The sketch book project sounds interesting. Hope you will post some of your 'doodles' and sketches soon!

Kala said...

Me? A little of this and a lot of that!

Sounds like you've been busy!