Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Le Back!

I am back from my faux trip to Paris! Good news is that I wasn't abducted by aliens this time.

I seriously need to come up with better excuses when I take a break. Oh well. I actually considered to stop blogging but I realized how much I love my bloggy friends and the bloggyland! So there... here I am again.

This month, I am going to play around with my iPhone camera and share the images with you. Needless to say, I am completely addicted to my iPhone. The apps, the games, the camera! Ooh la la.. they make me weep with joy. I am so addicted to my iPhone! And the worst thing is that I am spreading the virus. Le Sigh!

I missed you my bloggy friends!

Trick Question: What is the worst excuse you have made up for being a slacker?

PS: Here is another version of the "Eiffle Tower". 


mythopolis said...

Le, Who? Le, Scriber? Le, Cool! Le : )

Tea Knee said...

Wish i knew you were in Paris, I would have taken the train over

Scriber's Web said...

Mythos: Le me! Le me back! Ha ha. Doesn't every word sound eclectic and exotic if added to "le"? Doesn't that make me sound french? LOL.

Tean Knee: Honey, if I was actually there, I would have taken the train over or beckoned you over:)

Postcards from Wildwood said...

Ah bonjour, La Scribeuse. Comment ca va? Welcome back to Blogland. The husband has also got an iPhone and I have his previous phone which seems good enough for my purposes. But quelle horreur! - I am just someone who uses the phone for actually making and receiving phone calls (plus the odd camera and text assignment). Unfortunately I keep pressing the wrong button and sending texts to our dentist, but c'est la vie, non? Sorry you didn't really get to Paris. One day you will, and you can hop over here to see me too! I have no terrible excuses. I am never a slacker...... Or maybe I will come over there first and we can follow through on our bellydancing cowgirl plan.

Scriber's Web said...

Janice: Oh dear! You are talking to me in french? LOL. Vie! Vie! I can't wait to come down there! I am hoping to make a trip to Europe next year! Will keep you posted:)

NicoleB said...

I think I like that iphone :)
I never wanted one, but that virus sure is contagious :P
But nah, I don't need one,... sigh ;)

Making up excuses? Not sure I ever did.