Sunday, November 7, 2010

Chilli Contest: Part 2

So the last post, I wrote yesterday and then forgot to click publish. I guess I messed up Nablopomo but oh well. Life goes on.And so what if I did not post yesterday? I'll post twice to abuse my poor dear readers.

Bad news first. I did not win any prize. Oh well. I should have made more of an effort instead of just throwing a bunch of ingredients together. And I showed up 30 minutes late. I rarely show up late for anything but things happen.

When I went there, the first thing I noticed is the number of really serious chilli contenders. There were all kinds of chillies. Mine was plain beef chilli. "Only beef?" I got asked over and over again. "Yep. Only beef."

The guy next to me made 2 chillies. 1 was a veggie one with Tofu and all kinds of vegetables except corn "Since corn is not really a vegetable and I dislike it intensely". Okey Dokey. The other chilli he made had beef, veal, pork, venison and God knows what else meat. It was good! He did not win a prize either.

My friend Diane, the one who forced me to do this, made a pork and beef chilli. Then she did something extra. She had all kinds of garnishes. Like avacado, sour cream, scallions, chopped onions, cilanthro, cheese, etc. etc. etc. She certainly gets an A for effort! And she did get a 3rd place prize. I am so happy for her! Her chilli was the best in my opinion.

I have to say, everyone was so super good with their chilli and made such a great effort. There was this guy who marinated brisket and pork for 2 days, smoked it, chopped it up and then made chilli out of it. He also used 6 different kinds of peppers. His chilli was spicy! He won.

I think I was the only one who had "only beef" chilli. And ground beef at that too. I would give myself a D minus for efforts. But I had a great time!

Now what should I do with the leftover chilli?


mythopolis said...

Things to do with left-over chili:

1. Send it to Dan!

2. Drain off the liquid, use the remainder to make sloppy joe sandwiches!

3. Use it as the base for an encaustic painting!

4. Save it for next year's chili cook-off!

Kala said...

Send it my way. I'm starving!