Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy November!

Yeah! And it is November already! Time certainly flies!

Yesterday for Halloween, I was too lazy to dress up. We weren't out anywhere. Just distributing candies. I could have opted out but being the drama queen that I am, decided to wear a green dress. And then slather myself with a green facial mask. I called myself the green monster as I greeted the kiddos at the door.

We had numerous fairies, angels, snow white princesses and even a frog. One boy about 12 and much taller than me came dresses in regular clothes. I laughed and told him that I cannot give candy to kids taller than me so he had to perform a trick. He had to sing or dance. Or anything to show case his talent. 

So he squatted down and started barking like a dog. LOL. He got an extra candy.

I on the other hand started getting itchy as the mask started drying. What seemed to be a good idea at that time, turned out not that great at all.

At one point, a little girl said to me, "your mask is drying. Is that the mint mask?" So I knew I had to pass on the candy bowl to the hubby and went for a shower.

That's what happened at my Halloween. How did yours go?


croneandbearit said...

We had 54 children show up at the door and a few of them were taller than me and their voices were changing! I didn't dress up - I was doing good to just get out of the chair and answer the door this year! LOL

Ballerina Girl said...

loads of fun..
and think of it this way, you got a spa package with that Halloween outfit ;)


mythopolis said...

I was bitten by a zombie, and right now I am getting very hungry!

Scriber's Web said...

Linda: LOL. 54 is a lot! We only had about 20 kids. Guess I will have to eat the leftover candy:)

BG: It was fun! A nice spa evening indeed. My face is so illuminating today!

Mythos: Zombie bit you? Or did you bite the zombie;)