Sunday, November 14, 2010

New York!!!

This Wednesday, I am going to New York! Yeah! I am so excited.

There is something very electric and magical about New York city. I've been there numerous times and every time I go, I am shocked and riveted by the energy in the city. When you are there, you feel like you are part of something very exciting and very exclusive.

So my plan is thus. Leave Wednesday and spend two days in Manhattan. Then go to New Jersey to attend a wedding. It is going to be a jam packed vacation. Full of fun, family, fashion and food.


So my question to you is, have you ever been to New York city? Do you have any recommendations for me?


mythopolis said...

Great! Yes, I was born in Staten Island, and my grand-parents lived in Manhattan all their lives. I have many childhood memories! Years later, my son went to NYU so I got to go re-visit my old haunts! Have fun!

Kala said...

Sleep when you get home. Enjoy every moment!

Nicole said...

Oh, that is so great!
Looking forward to the photos :D
Have fun!

Carol said...

I was born there. I like to go to Chinatown, Little Italy, and places like that, for ethnic food and festivals.

This time of year will be nice (but cold!) because the ice skating rink will be open, you can see the big tree, and even some of the earlier holiday displays. Check out Central Park, eat some roasted chestnuts (street food-they are good in NY) and take a carriage ride with a warm blanket.

FAO Schwartz for toys is also just fun (even for adults-they have the BEST displays this time of year.)

If you can get tickets, go see the Rockettes at Radio City.

Barbara Cameron said...

New York! What a place. I was there eons ago but would love to return. Seems like so many things originate in good old NY.