Thursday, November 10, 2011

Beach Dreams

Another encaustic piece in the EAST show.I used sand dollars, wood cement and beach sand to create this piece.

So where did I get the beach sand from? Everytime I go to the beach, I grab a spoonful of sand and put it in a ziplock bag. This sand is from Hawaii.

This encaustic piece always reminds me of my beach vacations and brightens up my day.


Carol said...

I love your sand piece! It's very beautiful and can't wait to see it in the show.

BTW, I heard that Jay Leno is in town and might make it over to check out the shows. Be on the lookout for a big chin attached to a mop top of grey hair!

mythopolis said...

I like the starfish best of all...

Scriber's Web said...

@Carol: Oh cool. Jay Leno? I thought he was into cars and motorcycles. Not art. But we shall see. It is going to be fun weekend regardless of celebrity sightings:)

@Mythos: Thanks! This is something I created at a workshop. My art is very experimental and I am a newbie. So I really appreciate your encouragement:)