Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Road Trip!


So I am going on a road trip tomorrow. Nothing very exotic but a simple business trip from Austin to Plano. To attend some meetings. And I will be driving.

Yep. May the powers that be have mercy! I am not too fond of driving and am direction impaired. So let's see how this goes.

This morning, I started packing. Which means I started making a list of things I need to take with me. So I can throw it all into a bag as soon as I come home from work. 

At first my list seemed OK. But then it dawned on me.... how many gadgets am I taking for this trip? Shocking! Here is the list. You tell me if this is normal. Just so you know, I leave early on Wednesday and come back Thursday night.

List of Gadgets:

  1. Work Blackberry and charger.
  2. iPhone and charger.
  3. Bluetooth device for car. So I can talk on phone hands free. It is a 4 hour drive at least.
  4. iPod. Haven't really transferred all my music yet.
  5. GPS. Haven't used it before but I hope it helps with directions. And I do not get lost. Dallas is a maze!
  6. Work PC in case I need to access the work network.
  7. Personal Mac to use all day and check my emails.
  8. DSLR Nikon camera with 2 lenses in case I want to take photos.
  9. Point and shoot camera for taking photos of the Plano office.
  10. External hard drive in case I need to share some large files.
  11. A very cute USB drive. Just so I look cool.
Question: Am I normal?


mythopolis said...

Oh dear. Don't forget to pick up a talking sandwich at Sonic to go. They have chips in the lettuce and when you bite into them and say, "Wow this tastes good!" The sandwich says stuff like, "I like you, too."and, "Are we there yet?"

PS. No, you are not normal!!

Scriber's Web said...

LOL. Will do! A talking sandwich sounds good right now! My son made me a "surprise cd" so for now, I am planning on listening to it:)