Tuesday, November 15, 2011


These pieces are titled:

TCP Conversation
UDP Conversation

Don't ask. There is a nerd in me.
So... last weekend, at he EAST show, my BFF showed up. She recently sprained her ankle and had to use crutches to walk. But I was so glad that she came to support me.

Anyways... after spending some time at the galleries, we decided to head out. She wanted a beer and I wanted a glass of wine. We had a lot of catching up to do. Her hair has pink highlights now. Last time it was purple. I realize I've missed out on a lot.

We ended up at a restaurant where we ordered the most strange combination of food with our drinks. Lobster mashed potatoes, chopped salad and apple pie. Bliss! Cannot describe how peaceful it was. There is something to be said about being accepted and loved unconditionally.

While we were eating and drinking, we heard a really loud clatter. A man sitting near our table dropped his.... FLASK! He had a flask in his pocket. Who would bring a flask to a restaurant? Not sure. Surely someone who likes to keep his liquor handy. And he was so embarrassed.
I always thought flasks were for college students attending a football game in the stadium during a snow storm. Oh well. What do I know?

So my question to you is, have you taken a flask with you somewhere? And what was your choice of drink?


twistedwisdom said...

Reading your blog this morning brightened my day in the mist of thunderous yet welcoming rain. Love you <3 <3 <3

Carol said...

Yeah, I used to carry a flask a lot before. They make nice shiny silver ones for more highbrow folks. Some people put water in them too, not just booze.

Hi, Twistedwisdom!

mythopolis said...

I like the three pieces you are showing here. There's something iconic about them. Like they are techno equivalents of hierogyphic iconography. Or, also stick figure stylings one might find on a Navaho blanket. : )

I have a flask I only used one time when it was gifted to me while staying in Copenhagen. A nice Danish modern stainless steel one curved to fit the pocket. I carried it with me for several weeks wandering Copenhagen happy as a clam. I haven't used it since.

Scriber's Web said...

twistedwisdom: love you too! Can't wait to see you tomorrow:)

Carol: Ha ha. Somehow I cannot picture you with a flask:) Why would you put water in a flask? Instead of water bottles? I thought the purpose of flasks was to hide the fact that you are carrying alcohol with you:) LOL.

Mythos: Thank you! I like the stick figures description:) And I can just picture you in Copenhagen happy as a clam:)

Lin Floyd said...

found you on carol's blog...I like your art pieces. I would put dr. pepper in my flask...lol! Since I'm one of those strange mormon people...