Saturday, November 12, 2011


I call this piece fragmented. Also part of the EAST show. I am probably going to retitle this to He promised me a picket fence. This is made of computer parts.

I just love working with different objects and encaustics. This one reminds me of a woman, white picket fence and jail.



mythopolis said...

I saw it as a blend of what I knew were small electronic parts, and a motif on an American Indian blanket, or sand painting. However I look at it, I like it.

mythopolis said...

Ps, it could be Indian bead work maybe that it reminds me of...or maybe it is some kind of musical notation on the score sheet of a minimalist composer. (At any rate, I like it....)

Scriber's Web said...

Thanks Mythos! These are all computer parts. When I created this piece, I was thinking of a high-tech white picket fence that becomes a prison.

LOL. Very dark piece.


Carol said...

I read it that way too-American Indian blanket. It does have that sort of a feel to it. But it's kind of cool that everybody can look at it and see different things.

Can't wait for EAST today. Should be another fun day at the studios. See you there!