Thursday, August 20, 2009

How hot is it?

So lately I've been hearing from my friends about how hot it is where they live. Naturally, I have to give them my 2 cents. Like everything else in Texas, it is hotter here.


So interactive blog today. Tell me how hot it is where you are… Let’s all do it together! Here are some starters:

It is so hot that I had to eat chilli to cool down.

It is so hot that the water from the cold tap water was warmer than the hot water.

It is so hot that I had to drive around in the car aimlessly just to be in AC.

It is so hot that I grilled a steak without turning the grill on.

It is so hot that cows deliver boiling milk.

It is so hot that my tomato plants are now yielding stewed tomatoes.

It is so hot that all the critters have now moved into the house.

It is so hot that the pond by my house has boiling water.

It is so hot that the cars are wearing shades.

It is so hot that internet is melting.

It is so hot that my AC is melting.

It is so hot that Paris Hilton keeps saying “That’s today”

From my friend Carol:

It's so dry the trees are whistling at the dogs again.

It's so hot the cactus plants have moved north for the winter.

It's so hot we can't think of anymore it's so hot jokes.

It's so hot my infrared camera is taking normal pictures.

So tell me, how hot is it where you live?


mythopolis said...

It is so hot here that when I went to splash my face off, I discovered that my head had evaporated!

Sumit said...

It's so hot here that when I go to take a shower, I end up in a sauna bath.

NicoleB said...

I could have fried an egg on top of the car (37C => 98F)

Postcards from Wildwood said...

It is so hot here that this morning I braved the elements wearing a T shirt (18C = 64F). Rumours of our 'heat wave' (= cool summer night in Texas temperatures) were true but short-lived.

Metalchick said...

I normally tell people Texas has four seasons:
1 - Hot
2 - Hother than Hell
3 - Sometimes SOMETIMES hell freezes over
and then there's:

4 - The devil wouldn't live here himself.
We're on day 60 of Season 4.

BLOGitse said...

it's so hot here...oh, no! sorry, it's not 'so hot' here,
it's soon 'so autumn' here but
few more sunny days ahead...
mr autumn waits politely but is ready to hit any day soon...

Scriber's Web said...

Mythos: Great one. But you had a head?

Sumit: Oh that is awful. Kinda like being in Bombay. Is the humidity very high where you live?

Nicole: You did not eat it. Did you?

Janice: You know this post is an inspiration from you! I am so jealous of your cool weather. It is probably going to be 18 degrees here in December!

MetalChick: Ha ha. You nailed it. So so hot!

Blogitse: Greetings!We'll probably get autumn weather in December. So jealous!

Sumit said...

Naah, I was just kidding! The humidity does get high here, but it's not as hot as I made it sound. :)

Mrsupole said...

I live in sunny Southern California and it is semi-arid in the part that I live. I think that means that we are almost in the desert, but not quite. Today was almost 100, but just under, whew. But we have been also experiencing humidity which makes it seem hotter. I do not so much mind the heat, but I hate the humidity. It is after midnight right now and it is over 80 degrees. I cannot wait until it cools down outside.

Now as to where it is the hottest.

It is inside my freaking menopausal body. I am so hot that my grandkids told me that I make the air around me feel like it is somewhere in the Artic. I am so hot that I put the icepacks on my shoulder and it starts to boil. I am so hot that during the winter months while everyone is running around in winter jackets and all the bundling they are doing, that I still want to run around in my undies. I am so hot that they have me standing at the top of the reservoir and they are thinking my sweat will fill it up and put an end to the drought.

I really just wish I could get rid of this menopausal heater that somewhere along the line appeared in my body. And this has been going on so long that I cannot even remember when it started.

I am thinking I am just too hot right now.

God bless.