Thursday, November 12, 2009


Did I ever tell you that one of dream jobs is to become a cruise director? How fun would that be? A while back, I wrote about my top ten fun jobs and I have to say that I am fantasizing about it again. 

The wanderlust has hit me again. I want to T.R.A.V.E.L. And be that anonomous person behind the camera acting like a tourist. And what the heck is wrong with that I ask? Nada. Not a thing.

Last year, when I went to Cabos, I had a strange thing happen to me. As my hubby and I were walking around in downtown Cabos, we ran into a little group who was struggling with directions just as we were.

We had a perfectly normal conversation. Then a gentleman asked me, "Are you on the cruise?"

To which I replied, "No we flew from Austin."

And his expression changed. He looked a little sadly at us and then it turned into pity.

"Oh. Ok." And then he did the most brutal thing. He walked away from us.

We, who were not on the cruise ship, were not worthy of his time.

Le sigh.

So now you tell me. Have you ever been on a cruise? How was it? Do you think as someone who is claustrophobic and fears heights could survive a cruise? And don't you want to be a cruise director?


mythopolis said...

I would like to work on a cruise ship. I would like to manage the cute little bikini shoppe!

BLOGitse said...

You asked this - I have to add this link here
That is the biggest built cruiser in the world! I follow it's sailing from Turku, Finland to the homeport Everglades, Florida. It should arrive there about 20 hrs from now...

ps. you can reject this comment if you don't like the link

Sumit said...

I'd like to be on the cruise and ogle at Mythos' shoppers. :P

Just kidding! It would be fun to be on a cruise. Me having been a land-lubber all my life, understandably has a craving for the sea.

(Also, the Pirates of the Caribbean movies may have had something to do as well... :P )

Carol said...

Being a photographer, I can't really take cruises, since it's not the best way to get pictures. I'm also not really a fan of the larger boats-I prefer a small sailboat over a cruise. I always wanted to take one of those "windjammer" style cruises, where they sail you out in a big sail boat rather than a motor boat.

I'm not afraid of heights so I've been up in the "bird's nest" of a tall sail boat before. It's an odd feeling up there-nothing surrounding you for miles and nothing but blue-skies and sea nearby.

Nicole said...

Nope, no ships for me.
I worked in Hotels for too long.
Guests can be a pest.
And being trapped with some of them on a boat might result into murder ;)

Cairo Typ0 said...

I've never been on a real cruise before but i'd love to. I think it seems like a great way to see bits of the world in comfort. :)

KalaMarie said...

I have been on 20 cruises all over the world and so obviously I love going on them. If I didn't have a household to maintain, I would apply for a job on a ship. No better way to see the world for free IMO.

Mrsupole said...

I have been on two cruises and just loved them both. I just had to take the pills for seasickness each day of the cruise, and I was okay because I did that. Then again I have to take them to fly on an airplane. And I get carsick if I am not the driver or sitting in the passenger seat up front. But even then I can get carsick if the driver weaves a lot. It is just better if I drive.

Anyway, back to the cruises. You would probably enjoy it so much that you would want to take another. They say to take a short cruise first and then if you are okay, to take the longer ones. The reason you see a lot of retired people on cruises is because the cruise ship likes to be full and people who are retired can just show up at the cruise line, see if there are any openings available and buy a ticket at a large discount. The only thing I would say is to take a lot of hand sanitizer with you, if you go during flu season.

When hubby retires, I hope to be one of those retirees who can just show up and go on the cruise. It is wonderful to be waited on like you are someone who has money. And then food, lots and lots of wonderful food. Did I mention all the food? Oh yeah, I just liked to look at the food. I would taste some of it but mostly just looked at it all. Food in so many different places. And then if you go on excursions, those are lots of fun too, but they can be expensive. All in all I would highly recommend that you go on at least one cruise. I am claustrophobic and cannot even climb on a chair, but I was okay each trip. It might be good to ask for a room with a balconey or at least a porthole if you have a total fear of enclosure.

Okay, I guess I better stop or I will be writing a book about this. Oh and 20 cruises, all I can say is WOW!!! Maybe someday I will get into the double digits of cruises. Others in my family are probably pretty close to 10, but 20, wow.

God bless.

PS...Everyone seems to think Alaska is one of the best cruises to take. It was a totally awesome cruise.

Scriber's Web said...

Mythos: Now that would be a very fun job!

Blogiste: Thanks for posting the link! I will have to check it out.

Sumit: Ogle as much as you want! I have never been on a cruise but have to go to the sea at least once an year. Not sure why. But it just puts things in perspective for me:) Now go and update your blog!

Carol: Wow. I would never do that! Just reading about you climbing that high up makes me scared. Did you get any good shots from there?

Nicole: Not sure if you realized but you made a rhyme! Guests can be pests! So true though.

Cairo Typo: Thanks for visiting and commenting! Yeah I really want to go on a cruise. But I have to have a room with a balcony. Nothing too indoors. Of course that gets expensive and we can't afford it. But maybe some day!

KalaMarie: Wow! I am so jealous! 20? Amazing! I'd love to hear your stories!

Mrsupole: I have heard that the Alaska cruises are the best! Would love to take those one day. Don't you envy people who are retired and can just show up to the cruises? Wow. I would have to loosen up a lot to do that! I need to plan everything! LOL.

Nicole said...

Guess I made some sort of Haiku there, huh? ;)