Sunday, November 8, 2009

Real Time Art

So today I decided to do some encaustic art. And decided to show it to you in real time.

Above is the wax medium heated up.

Below is the composition.

Off I go. Will update this post as I go along.

Update 1:

Wax layer done. On to assembly.

Update 2:

I hope you were not riveted to this fascinating adventure. If you sat by your computer and kept hitting refresh to see what I was doing, well sorry... I took a nap.

Here is the next step.

Update 3: 

Son1 called to ask about the final piece. I have to say that this is the stupidest idea I have had in a long time. Perhaps ever since I have been blogging. Sigh.

This piece is not done yet. But I am going to go now.

See you tomorrow!


mythopolis said...

So cool! Thanks for showing the process, can't wait to see the next stage!

Nicole said...

Looking forward to see the next stage!

KalaMarie said...

You're very creative, I too want to see the next stage!

Postcards from Wildwood said...

I looked in on this on Saturday and decided to come back when you had put all the stages up. Great idea for a blog post! (...even though you didn't quite get it finished!)

BLOGitse said...

yes, yes MORE...that looks really interesting! Me too! want to do that...LOL!