Thursday, November 5, 2009


I got a present! I got a present! Yeah! Boy am I thrilled!

So a while back, my bloggy friend Janice across the pond wrote a post about Pay it Forward. The project involves offering hand made thingies to three people who comment and ask for it. In return, they have to offer 3 hand made things to people. You can read about it more here. The best part is that you have up to an year to complete this and if you don't do it in an year, ah well. No big deal.

Yesterday I got my pay it forward gift from Janice. And man was I floored! A hand made, hand bound note book. It is simply exquisite!

Before I gush too much and embarrass myself , I am going to stop.

Thank you Janice for participating in this project and giving me this idea. I already have my pay it forward projects done and can't wait to send it out.

Thank you for reminding me about the gift of giving. We may never meet or even talk on the phone. But it is wonderful to have bloggy friends!


mythopolis said...

It is gorgeous!!!

BLOGitse said...

That's beautiful!
Janice is so talented!
and you too! :)

Nicole said...

I figured from the bits and pieces she showed on her blog that it would be awesome.
It IS awesome :D!

How come you guys have already finished yours and I haven't even started????
I need to find certain shops here, nnnnnaaagggghhhhhh.... :/

I'll figure something out :)

Postcards from Wildwood said...

Aw shucks, it was nothing. Just a little something I threw together.... Pleased you like it so much, and you too BLOGitse and Nicole. I loved spending the time working on this, and learning a whole new set of techniques - and there was no anxiety involved whatsoever. (Well, it's all true apart from that last little bit!)

Sumit said...

AWESOME!! (I think I'm stuck to that word, but I can't help it. B-) )

Must be a great feeling to get it, and yeah please pass on kudos to Janice. :)

mythopolis said...

Quit being so modest, is fab! I would like a suit made out of all that...A coat and pants...maybe a vest, too. I could pay you in small increments over the next fifty years.

KalaMarie said...

I love this "pay it forward idea" and you're right, it is nice to have blogger pals. What a wonderful gift, both the purse and the friendship.

croneandbearit said...

It's simply lovely. I havent started my three craft projects yet - fortunately I signed on in Aug so I have a little longer to get my goodies to the three bloggy buddies I promised - but I hope they don't expect something like this from lil ole me coz they're gonna be very disappointed! Hugs!

Postcards from Wildwood said...

OK Dan, so now I know what to do for your PIF gift...!

Mrsupole said...

That really looks wonderful! Ohhhh, pretty nice. I like it.

I guess I will have to start thinking about when I get to do mine. I need to check the rules again, but will probably wait until I feel a little better. But then again I better not procrastinate too long.

I hope I can even come close to doing something like this. Oh well, all I can do is wish. I need to find a website that shows crafts. Does anyone know of any?

God bless.

Scriber's Web said...

Mythos: I love it! Can't believe how much hard work Janice put into this! I am not worthy!

Blogitse: Janice is a true artist and very versatile. Anything she touches, turns into an art piece. Me on the other hand... I am just a faux artist. I like to make a mess with all mediums:)

Nicole: It is awesome. I just love it! About the finishing part, you have one year to do it. Dan the overachiever beat us all to it. There is no rush to finish it. Take your time! I am done with mine but after looking at what Janice and Dan did, I may have to rethink this one:)

Janice: You have no idea how crazy good you are. The finishing was simply fantastic! I showed the letter you wrote to me to Carol and she was in awe! She loves to work with paper. Half the things you said went over my head but she understood it all:) Oh she also loved the card you sent to her. I loved it too! Thanks so much!

Sumit: You get one from me too. Hopefully you will like it:)

Mythos: You will look might fine in an outfit made with that. We want to see pictures!

KalMarie: Bloggy friends are so much fun! You should do the pay it forward. Lots of fun. At first, I was reluctant to give my address out but then I realized they were more scared of it than me:) And my bloggy friends are such a gift to me!

Croneandbearit: Don't worry. Mine is not that fancy either! Can't outdo Janice anyways:) Also, one year deadline is there but it is a suggestion. If you take longer than an year, nothing will happen. No one can fire you as a blogger:) I won't let them. What is cool about this project is that it is selfless giving. Without expecting anything in return. And it is so much fun creating something for someone who you have never met and know only through internet. It can be anything. I've received doodles from bloggy friends and I love them. I feel more connected to them. Sigh. This is another AM/PM comment. You made me do it:)

Janice: Let's talk on email and plan something devious for Mythos:)

Mrsupole: Hope you feel better soon my dear! Sending many positive thoughts your way. I'll find some websites and send them your way! Don't worry about how good it will be. Mine is certainly not this nice. But we'll try. Oh and break the rules if you want to. No harm done. Take care of yourself!