Thursday, November 19, 2009

Fuzzy Dreams

Oye. Where do I even begin today?

Just so much going on.

There are times in life where in your personal life and your work life, things are hopping along and manageable.

Then there are times where everything is going crazy hectic. And you don't know which problem to solve first. Not that I am having any problems. Just too many things to do and very little time.

Work is crazy busy. I am trying to get ready for my trip to Chicago next week. And then I have all these extra little projects that are always fun and supposed to be on the side burner but demand time. Need instant attention. Oye, Oye, Oye.

My first encaustic piece and a couple of my paintings got into an important show. I should be ecstatic. Right? And grateful. Right? I am. But I am way way out on the league on this one. How the heck do I frame this piece I call fuzzy dreams? Why the heck do I put myself in this position? Because I honestly did not think I would get into the show. It was too big for me. Le Sigh. Some days, I find living with myself so very irritating!

My regular readers know that I am not a very handy person. I suck at it. Fact is that I hate doing it. The thought of screwing in a screw into a frame turns me into a completely irrational and illogical person. I whine and whine and turn into a total baby. My friend Carol can confirm this. So anyways now, I have to submit this piece for a gallery show and I am screwed. Pardon the pun.

I ordered a floating frame for it. When it got delivered, the sweet lady corrected me when I tried to put this piece on the wrong side of the frame. Sigh. She showed me the right way to attach it but I have no idea what to use for attaching this wooden panel to the darn floating frame. I am way out of my league here. Way out!

I sent out some frantic emails, got some suggestions and I have to say that since it involved a hammer or a screw driver, I panicked. So I did what any smart, independent, strong, macho woman would do.

I handed it off to my hubby. And begged him to frame it for me. He will also have to deliver it to the gallery since I am all tied up in meetings.

So there you have it. That's going on in my life right now. What is going on with yours? Any exciting stuff? Any suggestions how to use a floating frame?

PS: Thanks to the kind lady, I already know which side goes up.


Nicole said...

Oh you sweet girl, you!
With all the creativity in your Life, how could you possibly be also able to handle the framework of your art?
If hubby can do it,let him.
I'm sure he'll be proud to be part of your artwork!
And Congrats btw. :)!!

mythopolis said...

I think you have got things under control! Everything's is just going to be fine. Just come with me to the padded room, and everything will be just fine.

BLOGitse said...

Same here!
I couldn't do everything by myself.
If 'he' is better & more handy - relax! 'They' want to help us! If we ask! :)

Scriber's Web said...

Nicole: Thanks! I just can't do it. Don't want to. We are still working on it! I am so so stressed out. When I say we are working on it, I mean my hubby is doing it and I am assisting. Last step, put the nail in the sucker. But... I am trying to convince my hubby to take up wood work. He needs a hobby:)

Mythos: Who are you kidding? Nothing is under control! I am still working on it. I mean my hubby is still working on it. Carol took me during lunch to an art store and I got a frame she asked. But that did not work out. I am way over my head on this one. I could drop the whole thing but I feel that I will be an outcast artist in Austin if I do that!

Blogitse: There are times when men are smarter and stronger than us! So we tell them:) Seriously. I could not do it if my life depended on it!