Friday, February 19, 2010

From Austin

In case you haven't heard, yesterday in Austin, Texas, a plane flew into one of the office buildings. On purpose.

While there are numerous tradegies and travesties going on in this world right now, this one hit home. After all, I could see the smoke from my office. I could smell the smoke and the stench of death on my way back home. He was a software develepor. And that is my world.

The guy was mad at IRS. He was not fond of paying taxes. Well... neither am I or anyone else for that matter. But we do it. I hate needles and hate taking the flue shot but I do it. I hated having to take my little kids for their immunization shots. But I did it. 

Every society and country has its rules. If you don't like it, move out.

But this guy had a vendetta. Allegedly, he had a fight with his wife the previous night. She went to a motel with her daughter to spend the night. She came back in the morning just to see her house exploding. I cannot even imagine what she and her daughter are going through right now. It is unclear if he was the father of the girl. 

So allegedly he set his house on fire, went to a local small airport, got on his plane and flew into a building. What you may not know, in Austin we have a huge IRS building. The building he decided to ram into was just a small office in the building. It certainly wasn't the main IRS office in Austin. Hardly anyone knew that IRS had an office there.

But somehow, he decided to target the small office and the very innocent people who worked there.

The man was sick, sick sick. 

So at least 2 people died due to his madness. And numerous others injured. One of the reason of that many people were saved is that his plane hit the break room. And not many people were in there at that time. At least that's what I've heard.

 My heart goes out to the victim and their families.

Violence against innocent people never solves anything. Never ever ever.


Craig | fusedreality said...

That's terrible! What would make a man do that, I don't know... my heart goes out to the families and the persons who suffered from this.

BLOGitse said...

Oh no.
I haven't heard about this.
You're right: "Violence against innocent people never solves anything."
There're lot of sick people around nowadays...unfortunately...


NicoleB said...

I have tears in my eyes right now.
Such insanity :(
Hugs to you and loads of strength to the victims families :(

mythopolis said...

Yes, definitely a sick man! A lot of people fall through the cracks, and some take innocent people with them!

Postcards from Wildwood said...

Pleased to know you and Carol are safe, Scriber. After reading about it on Carol's blog yesterday I watched the news item last night and at that time it was thought two people were injured but no-one killed except the man himself. So sorry that turned out to be wrong. Of course, I agree with everything you say.

Carol said...

Latest reports are that one person plus the pilot died and one person was seriously burnt. The fellow with the burns had to be airlifted down to the special trauma center in San Antonio (which is a special treatment center for burns and burn victims.) Maybe people were hurt too in what's shaping up to be a senseless act of violence.

I can't believe some people are calling him a "hero." What a crock. A coward is more like it.

Midwest Mommy said...

Ugh, I can't believe there are people like this in the world. Why?

Jodi said...

It just baffles my mind the way that these people think.

Kala said...

This has been all over the news. How horrible for those who died and for his family.