Tuesday, February 2, 2010

With love

When I was a little girl, my Mom always decorated food in a unique way. We never had a salad. It was always an animal, a smiley face or something equally bizarre. She worked for hours on simply the presentation of food.

We never had a slice of apple. It was always a mouse or a flower. Grated carrots for a red-headed girl, carrot noses, green onion chopped and curled up for eye lashes, radishes for earrings, and the list can go on and on. When I was young, I thought that it was something all Moms did. But when friends started coming over and giving me weird looks, I started getting embarrassed.

I begged her to cook normal and she would always laugh it off. She told me that whatever you do in life, do it with love and passion. And all the happiness would certainly follow. I simply rolled my eyes.

I went to a restaurant for dinner the other day with my hubby and they served us this after dinner. I choked up. I had long forgotten those salads and fruit that my Mom served to me. I mean I remembered but I had tucked it away somewhere.

So I want to say a toast today. And say, whatever you do today, do it with love and passion.

Question: Who is your current movie star crush? And if you had a date with this person what would you do? What is your fantasy?

My answer: Johnny Depp. Swoon... After swooning, I'd like to make him a fabulous dinner. He would swoon next because he would love my cooking. Then he would whisk me away to his private island to be his personal Island Chef. My boys would be the soux chefs and my hubby would make sure that I never ever ever have to balance a check book again.

So what is your fantasy? 

And what do you really love to do passionately and with love? 


mythopolis said...

Ooh, such a good post! Sweet childhood memories. Wonderful to read and think about. And your questions are very amusing. So, let me get this straight. You plan to take your whole family with you on a fantasy date with Johnny Depp?

My fantasy involves an island, too. An island inhabited by all the lovely actresses I have ever had a crush on. When I drift ashore on a raft, they mob me because they haven't seen a man in two years. They make me their tribal chief, and my every wish is their command! Of course, I would love all of them equally!

I'll be back in awhile to answer your last question! :)

Nicole said...

That's a sweet treat!
And your Mom must have been a very special person.
I would not have the patience for that :)

And what a sound advice :)

Johnny Depp is a good choice. Wouldn't mind him either ;)

Postcards from Wildwood said...

How wonderful! No, believe me, all mothers did not do this! I agree with your mum - whatever we do, we should do it with love and passion.

Yes, I have the same question as Dan - all the family are coming? Including your husband, who would apparently not mind at all that you are there for a date with Jonny Depp and would make sure you never have to balance a check book again? Y'see, that's not how things work here in Europe. (I'm sure Nicole will back me up on this.)

And what do I do with love and passion? I'm trying to do everything that way. This doesn't always work out but I do try!

Scriber's Web said...

Mythos: Of course I am taking the entire family on my date with Depp. Since I am married, can't really do much with the date:)

I hope Uma is reading my blog:)

Nicole: Yep I don't have patience like that too. But I wish I had it. Johny Depp = good. No?

Janice: Well I've been married for 26 years and not cheated. Nor am I planning to. So I envision my "date" being thus. He comes over for dinner and falls in love with me. He offers to have a duel with my hubby for me. My hubby politely says no. No need for a duel. Just take her. At which point, I make rather dramatic gestures. My boys say let's eat and we eat and Depp swoons because he loves my cooking. He once again proposes to me and I say Never! But we can flirt occasionally and you can come over for for dinner any time. He resigns and we play Super Mario Wii forever. The end.

NicoleB said...

Johnny Depp = *droooollllll*

Postcards from Wildwood said...

Yes, that all sounds very likely. But where does Tiger fit in with all this?