Saturday, February 13, 2010


Yes I know it is not very pretty or artistic. But this was my first attempt at creating a collage. So I really did not know what the impact of my actions would be. Next time, I'll know better.

As much as I dislike displaying my "bad/cheesy art" on my blog, I am writing this post for numerous bloggy friends.

For Mythos. He has bugged inspired me to create a collage forever. He create beautiful collages for me and we have collaborated on numerous projects. I will never ever be able to repay him for what he has done for me.

For Janice of Postcards from Wildwood. She is an uber talented lady and has an unquenchable thirst for art. She loves to learn and teach and share. She is the reason I participated in the Pay it Forward project. Let's just ignore the fact that I haven't mailed out my gifts yet shall we? I have them ready but they just don't seem good enough. After all, I received this and this.

For Linda at Croneandbearit. The lady is crazy. Crazy, crazy, crazy. I know that she will take this as a compliment. She articulates what I am thinking brilliantly. She is hilarious. I am a crazy fan of hers. She also volunteered to participate in the Pay it Forward project. I am hoping this help her.

So here we go:


  • Canvas. I like to buy mine at a craft store already framed.
  • Paper. Anything will do. Magazines. Hand made paper, gift wraps etc.
  • ModPodge. Available at art stores. I guess you can substitute it with glue or a collage glue if you cannot find this. 
  • Foam brush.
  • Acrylic paint and paint brushes (optional)


  1. Visualize what you want it to look like and select the paper. I kinda skipped this step as you can tell.
  2. Tear up pieces of the paper or cut them.
  3. Use the foam brush, stick the paper on it using ModPodge. Apply another layer of Modpodge on it.
  4. Paint some shapes on it.

If you want to see some collages from true artists rather than a faux artist like me, visit Amy Silvey's site. She is the one who shared her knowledge about this with me.

Hope you have a fabulous weekend and indulge in creativity today.


croneandbearit said...

Hello dahlink. One "crazy" would have sufficed. I have finished my pay it forward stuff - need to blog and get addresses to ship. Once the "goodies" arrive the very least I can expect is to have my house t-peed I imagine. giggling. You want me to make a collage? I'm cleaning out various rooms - my collage may be a tad odd but I'll give it a try. And to think I posted on Twitter a little while ago I was getting ready to work on crafts. We are related and it scares me.... j/k Love ya, mean it. Where's that danged ModPodge...Gorilla Glue...

mythopolis said...

I like spray adhesives, altho it is a bit messy. If you are not careful, the floor is soon sticky...and the table...and your fingers...and your clothes. And then your fingers get stuck to your clothes and your clothes get stuck to the table and your feet are stuck to the floor. This is why I trained my dog to dial 911.

Postcards from Wildwood said...

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you, Dear Scriber! I will ask you to write my resumé next time I need one! I am most honoured indeed to be sandwiched between Mythos and Crazy, Crazy, Crazy Linda! And I love the beautiful colours of your collage! I'm assuming it is a Valentine's Day gift for Mr Scriber? Something to say sorry for destroying the fridge while you were away...? You've caught me making up one of my potions which hopefully will turn out to be a toning leg cream, and strangely includes 1/2 pint of gin... Better get back to it, but just wanted to thank you for the dedication, which is truly much appreciated.

Scriber's Web said...

Linda: Oh I want to see your project! Do share once the folks receive it! I know you want to keep it a surprise right now. And no dahlink, one crazy is not suffice for you.:) It scares me too that somehow, we are related. Connected. And it is all good. Love ya sweetie!

Mythos: I have never tried spray adhesives and trust me, you don't want me to try them. Modpodge was bad enough. I used a foam brush for it yet it was all over my hands, clothes and hair. Not fun. Hope you are having a terrific day! Sunny here with blue blue skies.

Janice: LOL. Anytime you want me to write your resume, artist statement or bio, let me know! I am a whiz at all that. But only for other people. I hate doing it for myself. And no to the gift. I don't really celebrate Valentine's day. I want gifts everyday! OOOh the toning leg cream sounds wonderful! Specially since gin is involved in it! Do you apply the gin or drink it or force feed it to someone demanding compliments for their well toned legs? Heading off to your blog to read about it. Peace gorgeous lady!

Kala said...

I cannot paint to save my life (that's why I take photographs instead). You are very creative!

NicoleB said...

Oh gosh, don't remind me.
I still have no clue what to do and how to ship it, sniffffffsss.....
But one day my stuff will go ;)

I wish I was only half as artsy as all of you *sigh*


And your art piece? 'Pretty in pink' and perfect for Valentine's day I would say ;)

BLOGitse said...

Great strong colours...
Happy, warm +29C (84.2F), greetings from Cairo!