Friday, June 25, 2010


My entry for photo Friday.

In keeping up with my tradition of posting  mannequin photos from different places, here is one from Maui.

Happy Friday everyone!


NicoleB, Egypt said...

Wonder what happens if you squeeze the coconuts?
But an awesome idea for a cheap Bikini top :D

croneandbearit said...

not squeezing the coconuts takes all the fun out of it - well not for me coz I don't particularly want to squeeze the coconuts you know...oh well....TGIF sweetie!

mythopolis said...

Surely you tried on that outfit on the right!! I am assuming it comes in coconuts of assorted sizes. "Hey, check out those coconuts!" "You mean up there in that tree?" "No, I'm talking about the ones leaning against the tree, and waving!"

Postcards from Wildwood said...

I have some of those coconuts - bought on my trip to Hawaii. And no, Mythos, they don't come in a wide range of sizes. Did you go to a luau and watch the beautiful Hawaiian girls dancing? All this 'Hawaiian' stuff - the shirts, the grass skirts, the large colourful prints - are all part of my memories of that beautiful place.

sujata sv said...

very nice mother is also watching and she likes what she is seeing