Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wood Art

One of the great thing about Hawaii is that everyone has a lot of respect and love for mother nature. I went to a restaurant and was awestruck when I saw these benches. The owner explained that they were made by a local artist who gets fallen trees and makes art out of them.

How gorgeous!

My immediate thought was, Mythos does this! He needs to make one for me. And for BG. We want!

Look at the details on the second bench. I guess he took out the knots?

And check out this trash can! One piece made from a tree trunk. How cool is that?

So... what do you think? Like the pieces?


mythopolis said...

Oh, yes! Right up my alley! In coastal areas, a number of artists work with the water-worn tree sections that are often found along the beaches. Those are very exotic things this artist has created!

Ballerina Girl said...

YES...I want, I want...
PLEASE Mythos...I will pay you...
oh wait, I should be posting that on HIS blog..
ok, off to there now! C'mon Scriber, follow me :)


mythopolis said...

Haha...thanks for the 'ego boost' BG, and Scriber! Of course I would love to make something for you. Working with wood as a 'found object', so to speak means being lucky enough to find wood that has potential. Right now, it is getting so hot here I hardly want to go out to scrounge around! I will keep an eye out, however, for a material that I think you would like!

Rachel said...

Absolutely gorgeous - lovely warm colours, and fascinating shapes!

Postcards from Wildwood said...

Ah yes, I do love them, and I've often thought the same about Mythos's stuff too. Seeing the potential in the wood not only for the end product but also crafting it in such a way as to retain the spirit and shape of the tree is a great and beautiful skill. And Scriber - we DO have a little piece of Mythos's handiwork. Yes, a garden bench to go with it would also go down very well.....!
PS - Welcome back, Scriber. Looked in several times last week and saw you were in Hawaii. Hope you had a fab holiday.
Janice. x