Thursday, July 24, 2008

IPOD in Heaven?

Whether we want to not, we are all going to die. Always an organizer, this morning I found myself making a list of things I hope I can find in the afterworld.

  1. IPod. How did we listen to music before IPods? I remember the first time I bought a portable CD player. It was huge. And played 1 cd at a time. Oh how I love progress!
  2. Blackberry. What else do you need? You can email, make phone call, surf the web, or play games. If only it had a small mirror. Oh well. Maybe in the after world.
  3. Digital Camera. So what if serious photographers don’t really like them a lot? I love them. Plop them in your purse and shoot everywhere, anytime.
  4. Laptop. Can’t stay without it.
  5. Wii. How can I possibly live without Wii fit? Or Super Mario? It would be impossible but technically I’d be dead so it *may* not matter.
  6. Netflix instant movie access. Movies, documentaries... you name it.
  7. IBook. Ok so I don’t have this yet. But I want one. Even if it is in the afterworld.
  8. Hair gel. How else is my hair going to stay down?
  9. Lipstick. Gotto have my lipstick.
  10. Chocolates. Do I have to explain this?

    What would your list look like?


Anonymous said...

Here's my list:

- At least one good friend who doesn't remind me that, even though I've been working out in the heavenly gym for awhile, I could still stand to lose a few pounds.

- Great sex, but my partner goes home to their own cloud afterwards.

- Triple-cream French cheeses and fresh baguettes. No guilt over eating the same.

- A microbrewery at my disposal.

- People to play scrabble with.

- Multiple indy movie theaters around, with new movies every week.

- Absence of cell phones and instant messaging (please God!).

- People to gossip with.

- Pommes frites.

- Bowls of mussels in white wine with garlic, with good bread to sop the whole mess up with.

Anonymous said...

Oh, these are all so interesting. I'd take my ipod too. And my dog. And, um, pasta, chocolate, the usual stuff. I do like the microbrewery idea a lot though.

"MoodyBlue" Jodi said...

I would want:
-My iPod..I don't know how I got along without it before. I never want to look at a cassete tape again.
-My cell phone so I can call my friends on their clouds.
-My cat
-Chocolate - great endless supply which just happens to be calorie free. Pounds don't count in Heaven
-My blow dryer
-My laptop
-I guess I should include my husband too.