Saturday, September 12, 2009

Breaking the Break

Let me begin by saying that breaks are way overrated. They are b.o.r.i.n.g.

I am just kinda gal who needs to do 10 things at one time. Even on beach vacations I am writing, photographing, networking, planning etc. etc. etc. I am always thinking about projects to do. And anything that has nothing to do with house work is up for grabs.

So I am breaking my break. I am so so bored. I miss the bloggy land and my bloggy friends.

I took a break because I had to. It was thrust upon me. My computer got infested with a virus again and had to go to the shop. I was banned from the internet and I can prove it.

It was a HUGE shock to me. I actually went through all the stages of mourning. How many are there? I swear I went through twice that much.

Last weekend (it was a 3 day weekend) was so so boring! I did laundry, cleaned my house, cooked, did dishes, blah, blah blah. But no computer. I was bereft with grief. I felt totally disoriented. I could not wait to get back to work.

Here is my life formula:

Life = Computer = Games + Internet = FUN. All is good.

If you are thinking that I am addicted to internet, you are probably right. But who cares? There are worse addictions. Just bite me.

To be honest, I had limited access to computers and internet. I had access at work but I don't blog from there. I had limited access to another computer at home but it just wasn't the same.

I had absolutely no chemistry with the computers I had access to. It just wasn't the same. I felt like I was cheating on my computer by using another one. I would stare longingly at it but nothing happened. Exactly like when I am watching a Brad Pitt movie.

So here I am. No more break. Breaks are for wimps and I am a macho chicka. And I am back.

Hope you missed me! I know I missed you guys!

PS: The photograph is a painting that I did a week or so ago. It is titled the River of Life but I may change the title. Any suggestions?



mythopolis said...

Sounds like the break was about to break you!! Welcome back...I love the painting!!! Its amazing how attached one can be to the technology. I hate it when my service provider is having problems and I can't get on-line! Usually it is back within an hour, but I am so grumpy in the meanwhile. If I leave my house to do errands and discover I have forgotten my cell phone I feel insecure. How did we cope before all these things?

Scriber's Web said...

I don't know man! There is something seriously wrong with me but who cares? I am having fun!I felt so so lost without it!

BLOGitse said...

Oh Scriber I know how you feel!
I'm still in Finland and have not had enough time to blogg but
next Sunday I'll be back at home!
Then I'll be back on my daily blogging routine again!

Welcome back!
and yes, I like the painting!

Postcards from Wildwood said...

Bienvenida, macho chica! Pleased you're back and all is resolved with the computer. I'm gearing myself up for being without my camera for several weeks and have been putting it off - I know I'll get withdrawal symptoms. I love your painting - the colours, the 'easy' flowing style. To me the central blue and yellow shape looks like 'home'. so I might call it 'Home is where the art is' or maybe 'Under the hot African sun' - but 'River of Life' suits it well too. Bye for now!

Nan Patience said...

seems I've been taking quite a break myself! Not sure if I'm back yet though.

NicoleB said...

The painting looks lovely.
Love the combination of colours and "symbols" (can't find the right word, time to get back to hubby and speak English instead of German).

So glad you are back. I know the "missing something" part.
It will be a bit more time for me until I have a normal routine again, but I'll get there, sigh....

Take care that you don't get more nasty viruses!
I'm using zonealarm since years now, keep it all up to date and "knock on wood" have not had problems since.