Sunday, September 27, 2009


So yesterday, I went to the most amazing encaustics workshop ever. Taught by the uber talented artist Sharon Kyle Kuhn, it was the most fun I've ever had with beeswax, wooden panel and a heating gun.

For those who don't know, encaustics is an ancient art. It was almost a lost art form until artists like Sharon revived it. Not only did she revive it, she also made it current and relevant for today's world. I am a HUGE fan of her artwork. Unlike faux arteests like me, she is a true artist. I mean who wakes up in the morning and goes... today I am going to take a mother board, glue it to a wooden panel and pour hot lime-green wax over it.

How creative!

So these are some pieces I made yesterday.

Some commonly asked questions about this form of art.

Is this a new art form?

Nope. It is an ancient art.

Will the wax melt?

Nope. Typically, you add a resin to the beeswax that prevents it from melting.

In this workshop, we used found objects to embed in the artwork. I used some leftover Italian yarn. But you can use any thing from leaves, to beads, to wine corks to anything. And instead of color pigments, you can add turmeric, red pepper, saffron etc.

Fun. Right?

So what do you think I should call these pieces?


NicoleB said...

Those pieces look way cool!
And it sounds like a bunch of fun :D!

mythopolis said...

They look happy and celebrative. they also look good enough to eat!!

Scriber's Web said...

Nicole: I had a blast. Now I have one more hobby to spend money on:)

Mythos: That is exactly what I thought. They look so yummy!

Mary Gatling said...

I love these, can't wait to attend this class. I hope my pieces will look half as good as these!!!