Friday, September 25, 2009


I guess I've been in a funk lately.

On paper it looks like I am doing so much. But I feel like I'm bored and on a road to nowhere. Just running around in circles.

You guys ever go through that?

Any suggestions for me? How do I get out of this funk?

Do tell. I am open to all ideas (G rated) and the weekend is just around the corner.

Ugh. I can already anticipate getting at least one comment that involves exercise.

Double Ugh. But at this point, I am ready to try almost anything. So do tell!


mythopolis said...

First of all realizing you are in a funk is your first step out of it. You have to 'own' the one with the funk. OK, so now kick off your shoes, and put on some funky rock and roll music. OK, so now, get up on the coffee table and do 'the funky chicken'. Better yet, do the funky chicken in front of a mirror. To watch one's self doing the funky chicken is always a good cure for the funk. OK, now put on James Brown and dance to "Momma's Got A Brand New Bag". Ok, so now go shopping.

Craig | fusedreality said...

I'm in a similar funk. Get out, enjoy life, and get to meet new people. That seems to work most of the time. :P


Midwest Mommy said...

Honestly I was in a funk all summer. I had low energy just didn't feel like doing anything. Then I had my cholesterol checked and found out it was in bad shape. I had to clean up or go on meds and I had 90 days to do it.
In the past 4 weeks I have only eaten out once and otherwise been eating healthy at home (it has not been easy but it is getting easier). I can't even begin to tell you how much better I feel. It has made a huge difference for me.
Everyone told me it was my throid...wrong!

Midwest Mommy said...

I totally spelled thyroid wrong, lol

NicoleB said...

I think, mytho and MM had already great suggestions.

When I'm in a funk I try to get out and do something new, go to a place I haven't been to.

Hope you get out of the dark hole soon.
If not, hop on over and let's discover Egypt ;)

Nan Patience said...

Funk is a vague state implying that you don't know what's causing it or how to get out of it; like you feel lost and a little agitated; you're not inspired; you may feel a bit tainted. Suggex of meditation, exercise, human contact, etc., fall flat.

nope, donno much about that!

but maybe a good laugh? a good romp in the sack? a good fist fight? a spat? group therapy (remember to wait your turn)? a high-speed car ride with the windows down and the music cranked somewhere in Nebraska ending in a shootout?

hope that helps :))