Friday, September 18, 2009


What is it about Friday that makes it so exciting? To me at least. I wake up early in the morning and am all pumped up. I make a mental list of everything I accomplished that week. Some weeks are great. Others are probably slow. I make plans for the weekend and for the next week. Exciting.

I have numerous friends who are retired or have un-traditional work hours. To them, Friday is the same as any other day. At first I am very envious. I mean isn't it nice that you can decide what you want to do everyday? Go jogging middle of the afternoon? No problem.

But then I realize that they miss out on the adventure a weekend is. Everyday is the same. That can be boring too.

So I am excited about Friday and the upcoming weekend. I hope that you have a fabulous, fun filled weekend.

BTW, Today is my 26th wedding anniversary. Someone please give a medal to my hubby. He has earned it.


mythopolis said...

Happy Anniversary!!!! Great!!!

Don Mills said...

You have such a wonderful outlook.

Postcards from Wildwood said...

Happy Anniversary!

NicoleB said...

Some belated congrats to your anniversary!!
And here weekend is Friday and Saturday :)
I am not a weekend person since I have worked most weekends, but I know the feeling :)