Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Cabo San Lucas Dreams Lounge

Sometimes a picture is so much better than a thousand words. Here is the lovely lounge at the Dreams resort in Cabo San Lucas. You can relax here, watch the spectacular Sea of Cortez, and sip on cocktails.

In the evening, you can listen to relaxing music. Flute, guitar, the Sea of Cortez and more cocktails.

So what happens when my hubby arrives there during the football season?

A little rearrangement.

At his request, the staff pulled in a TV so he could watch the Cowboys play football.

All the men at the lounge thanked him profusely. They said the flute was making them sleepy.

And the women? Some joined their husbands. Others gabbed with other women, and some took off to the spa.

We were all secure about ourselves and thought, "what's the problem with a few hours of football when you are in paradise and have a lifetime to spend together? Let them have some fun. Live and let live."

Translation: Football is football. It is sacrilegious. If you expect them to give it up so you can sip on cocktails, hold hands and listen to the flute together, you have no clue about reality. Don't even bother going there. Give up now and make the both of you happier. Join them or think of ways to entertain yourself during the football hours. I suggest going to the spa or shopping.

Live and let live.


Coffee Slut said...

Shopping is always good!
Great photos!

Jodi said...

Your hubby has football. My hubby has wrestling and baseball. I am getting very good at finding ways to entertain myself. LOL!

Those are fabulous pictures. The one with the TV makes me laugh! That is something my hubby would do to with wrestling.

Midwest Mommy said...

Oh my gosh! How funny is that! I love how you took before pics because I was not expecting the tv to be playing football! Love it.

mythopolis said...

I must confess, I am a lounge lizard.

Ballerina Girl said...

Shopping is good, spa even better....
but when the Black and Gold are on, time is in front of the tv...exception? If I am diving under the water!
We were travelling on the day of the Super Bowl when my Steelers were playing! AGH< what kind of travel agent am I???
So, what did we fans do?? Go to the biggest hotel chain on Curacao and find the bar with the TV...yep, there was a whole lot of us watching the game and
WE WON!!!!
Sorry, didn't mean to spoil your beautiful pictures! Looks really nice!

Scriber's Web said...

Hey Guys! It is so good to be back! I can't tell you how frustrated I was!

Sue: Thanks for the compliment. Nothing takes your woes aways as shopping. At least for me.

Jodi: Both of us are such good ideal wives. Our husbands are so lucky to have us! LOL.

Midewest Mom: LOL. Thank you for visiting my blog. With my husband around, expect the unexpected:)

Mythopolis: I'm with you. Lounging is so much fun! What more do you need?

Scriber's Web said...

BG: When are Cowboys and Steelers playing? Playoffs? We should plan on betting or doing something fun. Not that I have any hopes for the cowboys. The losing team (most likely me) does something. Like write 10 reasons why I love Steelers. Oye. Just a thought.

I just thought it would be fun.