Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Rose

A month or so ago, I was working on a photo essay. I had the story and I needed photos. Six pages of content and six photos.

No problemo.

Except one page was titled "dilemma". How do you take photo of that? I asked my photo mentor Carol what to do. She suggested many options amongst which was a dictionary and a rose.

I had a dictionary. She had a plastic rose.

She "loaned" me the plastic rose. My husband was out of town at this time. So I spent weekend taking photos in various rooms of my home, wrapping up the project and posting it.

When my husband came back, he saw the rose and asked, "What's the plastic rose doing in our bedroom?" I explained to him.

Had I been efficient, I would have given back Carol her rose. But I forgot about it.

After a few days, the rose made it to my car. My intentions were to give it back to Carol. Good intentions are awesome.

My husband made another trip and came back and saw the rose in my car. "What's the plastic rose doing in the car?" he asked. He had completely forgotten my project by now. So I explained it to him again.

Last week, I finally took the rose from my car to my office. Carol works with me and I wanted to give it back to her. See what good intentions I have?

I ran into an executive type person on my way and he asked, "What's this rose about?". I mumbled something incoherent and ran to my office.

So the rose is on my desk now. My good intentions are starting to be effective. Except everyone thinks I am this crazy lady walking around with a plastic rose. And wondering who gave it to me and why.

Carol, if you are reading this, can you please remind me to give you back the freaking rose? Not that I am not grateful to you but this is tarnishing my impeccable reputation.

And yes there really was a photo essay.


Ballerina Girl said...

first, that rose does not look plastic!
second, good thing hubby believed the story and was not worried about other things ;)
third, divorced eggs? how funny is that? does it foretell what happens when one egg meets another egg and then they just crack up...
hahaha, ok, really bad joke!
hope you had a great weekend!

Jodi said...

I loved looking at that photo essay again. I remember how you "got me" the first time I read it. I love it! That rose looks so real, it is incredible that it is plastic.

The one positive thing that came about all of the questions about the rose is at least you know that they are paying attention.

Thanks for posting the link to the essay again! It is really great!

Enjoy your evening and have a great day at work tomorrow. Here is a reminder to give Carol the rose. LOL!

mythopolis said...

Hmmm...I remember seeing a copy of New Art Examiner with a picture of Joseph Beuys (a German conceptual artist) on the cover...the quote beneath it was "Without the rose we could not do it."

Srcriber's Web said...

BG: I'm not a plastic flower kind of a gal but found out that a ton of photographers use plastic flowers. The look real in photos. LOL at your eggs joke. If I had to rewrite this piece, I'd certainly start off with your joke.

Jodi: Thank you for reading the photo essay again. Happy Monday!

Mythopolis: You are full of very interesting information. Thanks!

Carol said...

I think you should keep the rose. I think that you were supposed to have the rose. It's some kind of "rose karma" or something.

I had the rose for a long time, btw. It's several year's old (at least.) It came from Hobby Lobby. Just this weekend, in fact, they opened up a new Hobby Lobby, right near my house. Maybe it's time for me to go and get a NEW rose?

It's like an omen or something.